We provide vacuum packaging solutions for all your needs. Supplies for foodsaver style vacuum sealers, chamber vacuum sealers (including our very own VacSeries), and rollstock thermoformers. We provide small quantity solutions along with bulk packaging sales to reduce costs for large scale companies. We are nerds when it comes to the very construction of the packaging we provide. What's the ideal material for your application?  Medium barrier, high barrier, EVOH, Nylon, Poly, Cast, or Blown? Not sure what all this means? No worries! We have that base covered, so you don't have to! We believe in providing quality packaging! Now introducing our branded vacuum packaging supplies! VacPouch (chamber vacuum pouches), VacShrink (chamber vacuum shrink bags), VacForm (forming films), VacSeal (non-forming forms), VacPeel (easy-to-peel films), and VacGuard (boneguard materials).