Rebuilt Rollstock
rebuilt rollstock fully installed at one of our customers

JVR Industries’ Rebuilt Rollstock Thermoformer Vacuum Packaging Equipment

JVR Industries takes its 50+ years of vacuum packaging experience and reinvests it into rebuilt rollstock vacuum packaging machines.

Each pre-owned rollstock thermoforming machine available for sale undergoes a meticulous testing and rebuilding process, expertly conducted by our experienced technicians. This comprehensive procedure varies based on factors such as the machine’s age, type, and model. Rest assured, we fully document all the work performed and gladly provide it to our customers upon request. Our company has rebuilt LacoVac, Sipromac, Promarks (Promax), Rollstock, Multivac, XtraVac, UltraVac, Koch, Henkelman, Lance, Schroder, Tiromat, Intact, Ulma, our very own machines and more!

Die Forming Station
refinished, rebuilt and polished dies for the forming station

JVR Industries Rebuild Capabilities:

At JVR, our extensive knowledge in machining parts using lathes and CNCs sets us apart. With the fluctuating availability of rollstock parts, we strive to find innovative solutions to cater to both our loyal and new customers. Drawing from our 50+ years of expertise in vacuum packaging, we guarantee exceptional precision in every part we produce. Each piece matches or surpasses the original quality, reflecting our commitment to supporting machines that have served for over 20 years, including our rollstock rebuilds and new PRS Minis vacuum-forming machines.

Rebuilt Rollstock
pneumatic valve assembly totally finished up

Our thorough inspection leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the electrical box. We carefully examine every detail and promptly replace any failing components with brand-new ones. Depending on the extent of damage, we typically replace the programmable logic controller (PLC) as well. Our skilled technicians conduct comprehensive multimeter tests on all aspects of the electrical box’s functionality, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Rest assured, we leave no room for compromise when it comes to the electrical box and its associated operations.


Each and every rebuilt rollstock machine or thermoforming equipment is expertly installed by our highly skilled technicians. At JVR, our technicians are dedicated to providing exceptional service, going the extra mile to travel to all lower 48 USA states for full installation and comprehensive customer support.

Rebuilt Rollstock
Our tech, Ken, installing a rebuilt thermoforming packaging machine

We take pride in sharing our extensive knowledge and offering guidance on essential aspects such as basic operations, troubleshooting, forming die changeovers, cross-cut knife adjustments, timing/registration adjustments, and more. With JVR, you can count on a seamless installation process and access to our wealth of expertise to ensure your success.

rebuilt rollstock
gripper chains are replaced and greased

Guaranteed Satisfaction

At JVR Industries, customer satisfaction takes precedence above all else. We actively prioritize supporting every machine we’ve ever sold, ensuring your continued success. Our outstanding achievements directly result from our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled service. You can experience this firsthand by exploring our remarkable selection of rebuilt roll stock thermoforming machines. Furthermore, enhance your operations with our meticulously transformed, high-performance equipment. By choosing JVR Industries, you gain reliability, trust, and exceptional support, as your satisfaction forms the foundation of our thriving community. Don’t hesitate—seize the opportunity to acquire your own machine today and join us on the path to success.

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Rebuilt Rollstock
final rollstock hffs machine rebuild being installed

Rebuilt Rollstock Customer Testimonials:

“As a business owner and operator, this roll stock machine has saved us so much time and money. The speed of this machine is incredibly fantastic. Very simple to set up and operate. Takes a place of all the people that don’t wanna work anymore.”

Kelsey, Owner of Kelley Meats in Taberg, NY

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