Reconditioned Busch Vacuum Pumps

Don’t buy new when you can save money with Reconditioned Busch Vacuum Pumps. Like new pumps that pull as low as 3 torr on our atmospheric absolute pressure gauges!

Reconditioned Busch Vacuum Pumps

Purchase your first JVR reconditioned vacuum pump today with confidence. JVR will exceed your expectations guaranteed. The pump isn’t meeting your expectations? Call JVR Industries and let us find a solution that fits your needs.  If we are unable to resolve this, just send the pump back. We would rather lose a sale than gain an unsatisfied customer. 

Reconditioned Busch Vacuum Pumps
Busch 040-132 Reconditioned Busch Vacuum Pumps
Busch 040-132 | Reconditioned Busch Vacuum Pumps
Busch 040-132 | Reconditioned Busch Vacuum Pumps
Front and Back view of a reconditioned Busch 040-132 oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump

Guaranteed savings & satisfaction


Lock yourself into a reduced-cost Busch pump that runs like “brand new.” Our expert technicians do a deep dive bench test on our pumps. Rigorous inspection includes rotary vane measurements to ensure maximum vacuum draw capability and a complete body refinish. Save yourself 1000s of dollars by going reconditioned. Our pump experience of 50+ years can guarantee you complete satisfaction and flawless operation. All of our pumps are sold with a warranty and free technical support!

Contact us today!


Have questions? Feel free to contact us at (716)206-2500 from 8:30 am-5 pm EST, M-F. Our specialists are ready and available for any questions. You can also reach us at for email. Thank you for considering JVR Industries. We are looking forward to servicing you!

Need Busch Vacuum Pump Oil?

JVR Industries sells all kinds of oils including Busch and our own brand VacOil. Click here to browse all of our pump oils including R-590, R-530, R-568, and more! Click here to browse.

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Looking for a replacement chamber vacuum sealer? 

VacSeries, chamber vacuum sealers were perfected and are supported here in the USA for use on your countertop at home or larger units to be used commercially! 

We offer a 6mm to 10mm wide seal on our variety of toolless seal bars. Varying chamber sizes and depths for multiple applications. Retort capability on both our Vac100 and Vac110 makes this a versatile and essential piece of equipment. Simple digital controls on our Vac110, 310, and 410! Looking for preset options? Our Vac100 has simple programmable controls to help with expediting the process and standardize your packaging. JVR Industries has been in the vacuum packaging equipment and supplies industry for 50 years! So look no further for a vacuum packaging machine that comes with expert customer support. All of the VacSeries are serviceable through our “VacSeries Parts” on our website.