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  • JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer Everything you'll ever need for your JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer is here under Vac110 Products. Under Vac110 products, you can find the chamber sealer, parts, and any needed accessories. Don't forget to order our Retort seal bar assembly with your new JVR Vac110 and take advantage of the Free Shipping!  We highly recommend ordering a spare quart of VacOil, Vacuum Pump Oil with your machine, and don't forget the VacPouch, Chamber Vacuum Pouches. Check out the Pleasant Grove Farm website to learn more about Retort canning or if you're looking for a great source for Mylar and Retort bags. If you have any questions, please contact us, we love talking with our customers!  Email: jvr@jvrinc.com or call (716) 206-2500, M-F 8:30-5 EST.

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