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  • We stock Promarks Parts to fit your Promarks and Promax vacuum packaging and processing equipment. All parts are stocked, pulled, and shipped from our facility in Buffalo, NY which allows us to ship most orders the same day they are received.  We offer free over-the-phone technical support to troubleshoot your problems and ensure you receive the correct parts for your repair.  We have a highly qualified staff that is ready and willing to assist so please give us a call if you have any questions.
    TC Models We Support: Promarks / Promax TC-280, TC-350, TC-420, TC-520.
    SC Models We Support: SC-420, SC-520, SC-680, SC-800.
    DC Models We Support: DC-530, DC-640, DC-650, DC-800, DC-860, DC-900.
    ST Models We Support: ST-10.
    MSK Models We Support: MSK-16, MSK-22, MSK-32, MSK-44, MSK-56.
    TM Models We Support: TM-150, TM-300, TM-500, TM-1000, and any other machine with the Promarks / Promax name.
    NOTE: We also provide support and aftermarket replacement parts for Ultravacs. See the list here: the Ultravac UV-150, UV-225, UV-800, UV-880, UV-1000; Vacu-Fresh VFTC, VFDC, and VFSC models. 

    Call: (716) 206-2500 or Email: parts@jvrinc.com

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