JVR Industries offers to all of its customers a large inventory of Busch Vacuum pump parts, along with complete pump repair, and over-the-phone technical support. For over 20 years we have been selling machinery that requires oil lubricated vacuum pumps with a large majority of the pumps used being Busch. When it comes to vacuum packaging equipment, Busch Vacuum pumps have been the industry standard. Due to the machines we sell our focus is on the service and support of Busch oil lubricated vacuum pumps which include the KB, RA, and RB versions. We stock a large selection of Genuine Busch Vacuum pump parts and provide all of our customers with over-the-phone technical support in addition to in-house service. In most cases when a pump fails to work it can be repaired or rebuilt at a fraction of the cost of buying a new or even used pump. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can assist you in getting the parts you need or send it to us for a complete yet affordable overhaul.
Vacuum Pump Repair Available
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