“A chamber vacuum sealer distinguishes itself from a regular vacuum sealer by removing all the air in the pouch & chamber, resulting in a completely airtight seal for your product.”

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What Is A Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

A very common question for us to receive is: “What is a Chamber Vacuum Sealer?”

Today, we will answer that question simply!

A chamber vacuum sealer distinguishes itself from a regular vacuum sealer by removing all the air in the pouch & chamber vac itself, resulting in a completely airtight seal for your product.


Initially, the air pressure around us and the air pressure inside the chamber of the chamber sealer are exactly identical (14.7 psi at sea level). A vacuum is created inside the chamber vacuum sealer which in turn creates an airtight seal. Depending on the vacuum pump quality, up to 99.8% of the air is then removed from the chamber sealer and vacuum pouch. Once all the air is extracted from the chamber, the vacuum pump shuts off and the bag is sealed.

Up to this point, it will appear as though no air has been removed from the vacuum pouch. The pressure inside the pouch is equal to the pressure in the chamber vacuum sealer. After the bag is fully sealed off, a valve will open to reintroduce air back in. The process will continue until pressure is equal to the environment outside the chamber. During these few seconds is when the bag will tighten up around the product. Finally, the vacuum-sealed look will be observed in this final process.

How does the sealing process work?

The air inside is first evacuated out of the chamber vacuum sealer machine. Once the chamber vac machine removes the air from the chamber entirely, it then recycles the air into the seal section. The air is re-exerted or recycled under the seal bar lift pistons forcing the bar up while simultaneously heating the seal wire (heat strip) up. The more air you remove, the more powerful the seal.

What can you do with a chamber sealer? Why would you need a chamber vacuum sealer?

Promote longer-lasting food storage and reduce food waste. Save up to $1866 per year on food waste and enjoy deliciously prepared meats at the same time! You can also save up to $0.47/pouch as compared to external texture/embossed vacuum seal bags & rolls for food saver style machines.

Dry Goods

Stock up on lentils, beans, legumes, ground or whole bean coffee, rice, noodles, oatmeal, spices, cereal, powdered milk/juice, chips, potato flakes, and flour.

Vacuum Sealing Meats

Preserve the freshness of steak, brisket, venison, ground beef, chicken, turkey, frozen fish, moose, bear, bison, jerky, and more!

Ways to Use a Chamber Vacuum Sealer: Meats
Ways to Use a Chamber Vacuum Sealer: Sous Vide Cooking

Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide means “under vacuum.” Achieve perfectly cooked meats every time by slow-cooking food in a controlled temperature bath using BPA-free chamber vacuum pouches. Perfectly cooked meat every single time! Sous vide has endless options! Sous vide steak, oatmeal, eggs, and so on!

Preservation of Vegetables

Vacuum seal corn-on-the-cob, whole carrots, asparagus, radishes, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, and other commonly used vegetables are fresh for longer.

Ways to Use a Chamber Vacuum Sealer: Preserve Vegetables
Ways to Use a Chamber Vacuum Sealer: Deep Tissue Marinade

Deep Tissue Marination & Brining

Enhance flavors and reduce marinating/brining times to just 10 minutes. Extract air from meat/foods, replacing it with your marinade while sealing the pouch.

Sealing Liquids (Moist Items)

Safely vacuum seal soups, wines, marinated meats, and other moisture-rich items without worrying about external vacuum sealers breaking due to liquid suction.

JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Mason Jar Sealing

Preserve your homemade jams, pickles, and more by sealing them in mason jars of any size. Just remember that these appliance can seal a mason jar so powerfully, that you may find yourself replacing the mouth lid, due to distortion.

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer | JVR Industries

Retort Canning

Extend the shelf life of food by heating it to a specific temperature, eliminating pathogenic microorganisms. Also known as retort processing or conventional canning. If you have never heard of retort canning, you have most definitely seen it in a local grocery store! If you have seen those metallic tuna bags in the grocery store, then you have a perfect example of retort canning.

Expedited Pickling (Quick Pickles)

Remove air from cucumbers and replace it with pickling liquid and juice for a faster pickling process.

Rapid Infusion

Infuse alcohols, extracts, and other substances quickly and efficiently. You can even create your very own vanilla extract and other liquids!

Sealing Delicate Items

Effortlessly seal delicate items using our VacLok stainless steel canister set! No need to worry about the sheer pressure from the bag crushing your berries, leftovers, and so forth.

Eliminate Freezer Burn

Every chamber vacuum sealer unit that contains an oil pump is capable of delivering a full vacuum draw cycle that removes up to 99% air from the pouch or container. Deliver a product with an airtight seal and stop freezer burn from ever happening again!

Three very simple reasons why you should stay with a chamber vacuum sealer machine.

1) Initial cost of a regular vacuum sealer (external) may be lower, but chamber vacuum pouches/bags are 3-5 times cheaper than the textured bags and roll.

2) Secondly, the life span and longevity of a chamber vacuum sealer far exceeds the cheaper suction, edge, and external vacuum sealers.

3) Lastly, your packaged goods will stay fresh much longer due to a chamber vacuum sealer’s ability to remove more air. Most chamber vacuum sealers will remove at least 99% of air, compare to only 80% for even a good quality external vacuum sealer. Dispose of those oxygen absorbers as a high-quality chamber vacuum sealer eliminates the presence of oxygen, leaving nothing for them to absorb.

What is a Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

The JVR Vac100 appliance is unique to its competition and is a standalone vacuum sealing machine.

Here are just some of the benefits: Experience the exceptional qualities of our chamber vacuum sealer: a robust construction, effortless portability, and the ability to accommodate various external accessories including our VacLok canisters. We take pride in the fact that this chamber vacuum sealer is entirely self-serviceable, offering you convenience and peace of mind. Moreover, revel in the added advantages of a shatterproof tempered glass lid and a seal bar that can be removed effortlessly without the need for tools. Our chamber vacuum sealer has programmable controls that are user-friendly, allowing for simple operation, while its sleek stainless steel body exudes durability and elegance.


•Built like a tank, weighing in at 52 pounds!

•Our design includes transport handles with built-in handles positioned strategically to achieve weight balance, facilitating easy transportation.

•Accessory capable, connect accessories using the accessory port on the Vac100 chamber sealer. Our accessories include a wine stopper for wine preservation, a 3 Gallon Chamber Accessory, VacLok stainless steel canister set, and an adapter to connect to your Foodsaver vacuum sealing accessories.

•Oil lubricated vacuum pump, our rotary vane style vacuum pumps will not only outperform a “dry” pump, alternatively known as a dry piston pump, but they will easily outlast and provide years of trouble-free operation. Consider this strong vacuum pump for durability, longevity, and functionality.



Please feel free to check out our line of chamber vacuum sealers, the JVR VacSeries.


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