JVR Vac100 – Chamber Vacuum Sealer




JVR Vac100 – Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer in its class!

We’ve worked hard to perfect and will continue working hard to provide superior support on the Vac100 and every machine in the JVR VacSeries! Best chamber vacuum sealer for home use with this small footprint! Pick up your Vac100 today at a great price. Equipped with a commercial grade, oil lubricated, rotary style vacuum pump capable of achieving vacuum levels exceeding 29.5″ Hg and a 12.3” seal bar, this machine can handle a variety of food items. Evacuate 99% of the air in 40 seconds!

Vac100 Owner’s Manual | EN V3.1



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VacSeries Sealing, Cooling & Vacuum Cycle Recommended Settings

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JVR Vac100 – Chamber Vacuum Sealer


The JVR Vac100 – Chamber Vacuum Sealer is a feature packed, chamber style vacuum sealer that checks all the boxes. The best chamber vacuum sealer for home use with this small footprint! You won’t find another vacuum sealer on the market with an ultra-modern, low profile design that performs as good as it looks for only $899.00! 


JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Powerful Rotary Vane Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump

Equipped with a commercial grade, oil lubricated, rotary style vacuum pump capable of achieving vacuum levels exceeding 29.5″ Hg, capable of evacuating 99% of the air in 40 seconds. Handle a variety of food items wit the 12.3″ seal bar. Reap the oil pump benefits of longer life span, better vacuum draw and overall less noise compared to dry vacuum pumps.


JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer


Shatterproof Glass Lid

The unique, shatterproof, tempered glass lid allows the user to clearly see inside the vacuum chamber and will not scratch and haze up over time like most acrylic lids.




JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Low Profile Design

The low profile design measures in at 8.3” with the lid closed, this provides a modern look to complement any kitchen while the 4.3” deep chamber still provides ample room to seal large items such as whole chickens and roasts.




JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Mason Jar Capability


Able to fit 4 – 8 ounce (236ml) regular mouth Ball mason jars

upright in the chamber.




Vac100 Chamber Accessory



Able to fit 2 – 64 ounce (1/2 gallon) wide mouth Ball mason jars

upright in the 3 gallon chamber.


Able to fit 4 – 32 ounce (946ml) regular mouth Ball mason jars upright in the 3 gallon chamber.


Click here to buy the chamber accessory today!


•Stainless steel body

•Seamless composite chamber

•Modern, low profile design

•Simple programmable controls

•Shatterproof tempered glass lid

•Oil lubricated vacuum pump

•Tool-less seal bar removal

•6mm wide seal wire

•Skip function for quick and easy sealing of liquids



JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum SealerJVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Package Contents:

  • Accessory Hose
  • Replacement Seal Bar Tape
  • Replacement Heat Strip
  • Wine Stopper
  • Filler Plates (Quantity of 2)
  • Bottle of Oil (VacOil)
  • Funnel
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Allen Key (3mm)
  • 1L VacLok Stainless Steel Canister
  • Sample Pack of Chamber Vacuum Pouches (VacPouch)

————- SIZES INCLUDE: 3 MIL – 6×10, 8×12, 10×12, 12×12 • 4 MIL – 8×12



VacSeries Models Vac100 Vac110
Machine Size

(W, D, H)

16.2″ x 19.3″ x 8.3″

(LID OPEN [H]: 23″)

14.7″ x 19.8″ x 16″

(LID OPEN [H] 25.5″)

Chamber Size

(W, D, H)

13.8″ x 12″ x 4.3″ 11.3″ x 15.2″ x 5.2″
Heat Strip Width 6mm 8mm
Seal Bar Length 12.3″ 11″
Seal To Chamber Back (L) 9.8″ 13.3″
Max Pouch Size 12″ x 14″ 11″ x 16″
Machine Weight 52 lbs 77 lbs
Amperage 5 Amps max 6 Amps max
Voltage 110V / 1ph / 60Hz 110V / 1ph / 60Hz
Vacuum Pump Capacity 4m3/h flow rate

0.15 kW

8m3/h flow rate

1/3 hp

Accessory Capable? Yes No
Retort Capable? Yes Yes
Pump Type Oil Lubricated Rotary

Vane Vacuum Pump

Oil Lubricated Rotary

Vane Vacuum Pump

Hinging Body Yes Yes
Room Temperature (dB) 65 70

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Things to consider buying with initial purchase:

•3 Gallon Chamber Accessory

•Stainless Steel Cart

•Vac100 Cover


•VacPouch, chamber vacuum pouches

•Ultra-Clear Boneguard Roll

•Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter

•Circular Filler Plate

•Additional Filler Plates

•Retort Bar Assembly

•Seal Bar Tape for Retort Bar Assembly

•Retort Heat Strip for replacement

•Accessory-Foodsaver conversion hose



Q: How often should I change the oil?

A: The initial oil change should occur after 3 months, or 150 hours of usage. Every subsequent oil change should occur every 6 months or 500 hours of usage. NOTE: if operating in a humid environment or when packaging high moisture products on a regular basis, then more frequent oil changes are recommended.


Q: When should I replace the vacuum pump exhaust filter?

A: Once a year. (Annually)


Q: What is the CLEANUP PUMP program and how often should I run it?

A: The CLEANUP PUMP program is simply a 300 second vacuum cycle. The purpose of this program is to bring the vacuum pump to maximum operating temperature.

This will heat the oil above 212°F and boil off any moisture that accumulated within the vacuum pump. As a general guideline it’s recommend that this program be run once per week. If you’re going to store your Vac100 for 2 weeks or more then run three times consecutively prior to storing.

PRO TIP: Inspecting the vacuum pump oil will help determine if this program needs to be run. Clear oil with a yellow tint is perfectly normal. Immediately following operation, it’s normal to observe air bubbles in the oil sight glass. Inspect the oil after the machine has had time to sit for 3-5 minutes.

Oil that appears cloudy or milky is an indication of moisture in your oil. Run the CLEANUP PUMP program 3 times consecutively and reinspect. If oil appearance does not improve then change oil.


Q: Why do my soups, marinades, and sauces boil when vacuum sealed?

A: Most people know that water boils at 212°F at sea level but did you know that water boils at 203°F in Denver due to their elevation and thus lower atmospheric pressure?

When air is removed from the Vac100 chamber, pressure is decreased, and therefore the boiling temperature will also decrease. The more air that’s removed the lower the boiling temperature will be.

PRO TIP #1: Pre-chill your soups, marinades, and sauces, this will allow for more air to be removed before boiling occurs.

PRO TIP #2: If your product starts to boil over, simply hit the V button to perform the SKIP function. This will immediately end the vacuum and seal off the bag.


Q: What does “MPa” next to the vacuum indicator stand for?

A: MPa is the abbreviation for megapascals, which is a metric unit for measuring pressure. We test every Vac100 with a calibrated vacuum gauge to ensure every machine reaches optimal pressure.

The maximum MPa reading displayed will vary based on your elevation because the vacuum sensor compares pressure inside the chamber to that outside the chamber. At sea level a maximum reading of 0.100 is to be expected. However, at higher elevations the maximum achievable reading may be 0.099 or less.


Q: It’s my first time running using the Vac100 and it’s not working; the pump turns on but the lid doesn’t stay down?

A: All chamber type vacuum sealers work on a similar principle. To run a cycle, press down firmly on the “PUSH” label, this will compress the seal around the perimeter of the chamber.

The vacuum pump will turn on automatically upon closure, this produces negative pressure inside the chamber, which in turn will suck down and hold the lid shut. Upon completion a valve will open to allow air back into the chamber and release the lid.


Q: My unit makes a loud “BAM” or “THUMP” sound during operation. Is this normal?

A: Yes, this is normal. What you are hearing is the seal bar lift pistons engaging the seal bar assembly against the seal cushion strip. This provides the pressure needed to apply a high-quality heat seal to the vacuum pouches.


Q: Do I need to use oxygen absorbers in pair with the Vac100?

A: The Vac100 is capable of removing 99.8% of the air inside the chamber, this eliminates the need for oxygen absorbers.

PRO TIP: Set the vacuum time to 50 seconds or more to remove the maximum amount of air. Q: What is the largest chamber vacuum pouch I can use in the Vac100? A: 12” x 14”



Keep up to date with our Youtube to learn how to service your own Vac100 along with tips and tricks!


Questions? Want to learn more about JVR Vac100 – Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

If you have any more questions about the JVR Vac100 – Chamber Vacuum Sealer, please do not hesitate to email or call JVR Industries! We would gladly discuss our unit and its capabilities.

Additional information

Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 24 × 12 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Daniel T

The company, the machine, and the service are all top notch. Perfect for what we wanted. I love that they actually still feel like an industrial quality machine, fully serviceable by myself, but the fit and finish makes it look amazing for a home as well. Would not hesitate to purchase again. I’m 100% certain I made the right decision.

Thanks for the feedback and great review!

Matt Early
Great Machine

I've had my JVR Vac100 for a couple of weeks now and have had the opportunity to use it to package up some Canadian bacon that I smoked and also some Tri-tip roasts that I purchased on sale. My old vacuum sealer sucks (literally) compared to this chamber sealer. I will be using it to help preserve meats and grains. I will be marinating meats and using it for sous vide cooking. So far so good.

Love hearing the progress! Thanks for sharing.

James Cooley
JVR Vac100

It's an incredible machine, my wife fell in love with it the first time she tried it.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the machine! Happy Holidays!

Aaron Gilmour
JVR Vac100 - Great Vacuum Sealer !!

I have been using the JVR Vac100 Chamber Vacuum unit for a couple weeks. Wow, it is an excellent vac sealer and I only wish I would have bought one sooner. Its fast, easy to use and high-quality construction ! The 3 gal accessory for sealing jars or brining meat is great as well !!

Glad to hear your unit is serving you well! Feel free to send us photos or tag us on facebook or instagram. We would love to see how you are using your machine. Maybe we will even throw you a discount code! Thanks again for supporting us and for choosing our brand! Please do not ever hesitate to call with any or all questions vacuum packaging related. Happy holidays!

Michael E

Still working out the kinks,b ut the machine is great and they have made a great product and would highly recommend it to anyone that likes to save money.

Glad to hear the great review! If you need any help with those 'kinks,' please feel free to contact us!

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