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  • Everything you'll ever need for your JVR Vac410 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer is here under Vac410 Products. Perfect floor unit for high production. Seal integrity is Vac410's middle name with an EXTRA WIDE 10mm HEAT SEAL! High powered, dual oil lubricated rotary pump coupled with simple digital controls & acrylic lid. That's right! Two rotary pumps, so when one fails you, you can continue operations while waiting for your replacement motor from JVR. Toolless seal bar removal makes for fast replacement and LESS downtime! We highly recommend ordering a spare quart of VacOil, Vacuum Pump Oil with your JVR Vac410 and don't forget the VacPouch, Chamber Vacuum Pouches. If you have any questions about Vac410 Products, please contact us, we love talking with our customers!  Email: jvr@jvrinc.com or call (716) 206-2500, M-F 8:30-5 EST. REGISTER YOUR Vac410 TODAY! We provide routine maintenance reminders, sales, and promos straight to our loyal customers.

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