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  • Vacuum pump oil designed for all of our JVR VacSeries units and other major vacuum packaging machines. Browse our wide variety of vacuum pump oils to find the proper oil for your vacuum pump. We carry everything from lightweight oils for colder environments to combat viscosity change to synthetic oils. We have an oil for every budget and every vacuum packaging machine to aid in peak efficiency and prevent premature wear on your vacuum pumps. Oil in a vacuum pump acts as a lubricant and sealant that allows a pump to achieve deeper vacuum draw than a dry pump. With the right oil and regular oil changes, you can keep your equipment up and running with dramatically reduced maintenance costs. Quart and gallon sizes are available today. VacOil is specifically formulated to provide maximum performance and protection on JVR Chamber Vacuum Sealers and other major vacuum packaging equipment. Maintaining clean oil in your vacuum pump ensures optimum performance and ultimate pressure. VacOil boasts many benefits such as being USA sourced and refined, quality tested commercially for 25 years, food grade, non-detergent, and odorless. Consider buying oil for you Busch vacuum pumps through us at extremely competitive pricing. Busch oil is an industry-standard pump oil specifically designed for use in the food industry. With proven performance, cost-effectiveness, and reliability, Busch vacuum pump oils provide optimum lubrication properties to keep your Busch rotary vane vacuum pumps running. With extended change intervals, Busch vacuum pump oils last longer than comparable mineral oils, and have outstanding thermal and oxidative stability.

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