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Packaging Equipment

JVR Industries has specialized in vacuum packaging since 1972! Browse our extensive selection of commercial-quality vacuum packaging equipment.  If you’re not sure what machine is best for your application then please contact us today for a free consultation. We sell single and dual chamber vacuum sealers. JVR carries ultra-compact rollstock thermoformers and we host a line of rebuilt rollstock! Lastly, we carry dip tanks and shrink tanks.

We sell units applicable to small butcher shops and commercial end chambers for large-scale production. We provide options for creating beautiful aesthetics as well as basic sealing and vacuum packaging.

These types of purchases can be quite intimidating, especially when the territory is foreign to the consumer. Thankfully, JVR Industries provides free technical support for the life of the unit! We are still servicing units over the phone for the past 20+ years. On the phone, we will provide 50+ years of vacuum packaging experience and diagnosis. We also carry parts for all of the units we sell! In most cases, we offer SAME-DAY SHIPPING on all vacuum packaging unit parts. Please browse our extensive collection of vacuum packaging replacement parts. If you have any further questions on our product lines, please feel free to give us a call!

Are you looking for something else? Maybe you are looking for a vacuum tumbler or dip tank? If so, click here to learn more about our processing equipment!

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Rebuilt Rollstock

Click to learn about the process behind a rebuilt rollstock at JVR!

JVR Industries takes its 50+ of vacuum packaging experience and reinvests it into rebuilt rollstock vacuum packaging machines.

Each pre-owned rollstock thermoforming machine available for sale undergoes a meticulous testing and rebuilding process, expertly conducted by our experienced technicians. This comprehensive procedure varies based on factors such as the machine’s age, type, and model. Rest assured, we fully document all the work performed and gladly provide it to our customers upon request. Our company has rebuilt LacoVac, Sipromac, Promarks (Promax), Rollstock, Multivac, XtraVac, UltraVac, Koch, Henkelman, Lance, Schroder, Tiromat, Intact, Ulma, our very own machines and more!