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  • Browse our variety of popular Vac100 accessories for your JVR Vac100 Chamber Vacuum Sealer. Find accessories to elevate and enhance your vacuum sealing process. Vacuum seal mason jars and expedite the marination process for sous vide cooking in our Vac100 Chamber Accessory. Vacuum seal a variety of wet and dry food items in our Stainless Steel Canisters using the accessory hose! Looking to preserve wine? Our wine stopper can preserve wines for up to 1 month. Interested in the JVR Vac100 Chamber Vacuum Sealer from JVR Industries? Unlike other chamber vacuum sealers on the market, this unit is feature-packed, perfect for home use, and boasts a powerful rotary oil vacuum pump. Capable of vacuum sealing mylar bags with the retort seal bar assembly and capable of sealing liquids. Save money and eliminate food waste with the JVR Vac100. Learn more about what makes our Vac100 the best chamber vacuum sealer.

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