Hand Pump for VacLok Canisters


Introducing the Hand Pump for VacLok canisters!

We’ve worked hard to perfect and will continue working hard to provide superior support on the Vac100 and every machine in the JVR VacSeries! Pick up your hand pump today! The hand pump is perfect for sealing your VacLok canisters on-the-go, sealing up your wines when paired with your Vac100 wine stopper, or even with your 3 PC Canister Set!

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Hand Pump for VacLok Canisters

Hand Pump for VacLok Canisters can be used to seal off any VacLok stainless steel canisters or even your wine stopper! Use the pump to re-seal your canisters on the go! Achieve a favorable vacuum on the go or at home.

What are VacLok canisters? Our VacLok canisters are stainless steel vacuum canisters that can have very high oxygen removal from them without damage! We have done some extensive testing internally and with our faithful beta testers. Learn more about VacLok canisters below:

Perfect for vacuum sealing a variety of wet and dry food items. Vac100 compatible only! Pull a higher vacuum than our previous plastic canister sets with superior canister integrity!

Common Uses:

  • Coffee (whole bean or ground)
  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Rice
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Soups/Sauces
  • Leftovers and more!


  • dishwasher safe canister
  • Handwash only lid
  • Removable gasket and rubber valve for easy cleaning
  • Able to be vacuum sealed with a JVR Vac100 or handheld vacuum pump


Suggested Vacuum Cycle Times:

0.7 Liter – 5.0 Seconds

1.0 Liter – 6.0 Seconds

1.3 Liters – 7.0 Seconds

NOTE: Seal and Cool cycles can be set at 0 seconds.


Product Specifications:

Lid Dimensions: 1.1875″ H

0.7 Liter – 4.75″ ID | 4.5″ H

1.0 Liter – 4.75″ ID | 5.625″ H

1.3 Liters – 4.75″ ID | 6.375″ H


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