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  • Busch filter kits designed to provide all the OEM spare parts required to maintain smooth operation of model R5 Busch vacuum pumps. All necessary parts to complete routine maintenance on your Busch pumps are found in the service kit. Replace the exhaust filter and oil filter as necessary depending on the usage of the pump. Consider replacement of exhaust filters when you notice oil mist exiting the exhaust port. After the exhaust filter is replaced, clean air will be expelled from the port ensuring optimal pump condition. Looking to repair your Busch vacuum pump? Browse our selection of available filter kit products. As an authorized Busch service center, we offer free over-the-phone technical support to help troubleshoot your problems and ensure you receive the correct parts for your replacement. Not looking for a filter kit? Browse our selection of Busch vacuum packaging parts here. Do not see the filter kit for your specific Busch pump? Give us a call at (716)206-2500

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