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  • Busch exhaust filters designed to maintain smooth operation of Busch vacuum pumps. Replace the exhaust filter every nine to eighteen months, or as necessary depending on the usage of the pump. The longevity of an exhaust filter varies widely on applications of the vacuum pump. The differential pressure of a vacuum pump continually causes oil to be passed into the compression chambers. During normal operations, the exhaust filter separates oil from the air and allows clean air to exit the exhaust port. That occurs while the exhaust filter emits oil that recirculates into the main reservoir. If you notice smoke or oil mist coming from the exhaust port on your Busch vacuum pump, that’s an indication that the exhaust filter needs to be changed. These things occur when the exhaust filter elements become clogged with foreign material or burned oil. Once the exhaust filter is replaced, clean air will once again be emitted from the exhaust port. Not looking for Busch Exhaust Filters? Browse other Busch replacement parts here. Find the oil filter, inlet filter, or other Busch replacement part you're looking for. As an authorized Busch Service Center, we offer free over-the-phone technical support to help troubleshoot your problems and ensure you receive the correct parts for your replacement to keep your Busch pumps up and running.

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