JVR Vac110 Giveaway

JVR Vac110 – Chamber Vacuum Sealer Giveaway (A $999 VALUE)


On January 25th at 4:00pm EST, we will be drawing a winner for a JVR Vac110! We will stop taking entries on January 25th at 3:00pm EST.

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VacFriday 4 Day Sale!

VacFriday Sales have ENDED! Thank you for choosing JVR Industries in your holiday purchases.

JVR Industries is launching its largest Black Friday weekend sale called VacFriday 4 Day Sale. The sale will run from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

We are offering our deepest discounts on all of our JVR VacSeries chamber vacuum sealers! We are also launching massive discounts on some of our VacSupplies including VacPouch, VacGuard and FlexPack (soon to be VacFlex). Reduce food waste, preserve, and save by investing in a VacSeries unit today!

Shipments begin on Monday, November 28th. Our offices will be closed from November 24th-27th. We will resume normal hours of operation on Monday, November 28th. Please feel free to call at anytime during business hours with any questions on our VacSeries.

The JVR Vac100 chamber vacuum sealer is available at $799!
$100 off plus 4 FREE GIFTS! (Valued at $95)

Gifts include a Black Vac100 cover, 100 Pack – 8″ x 12″ (4 mil) VacPouch, 1 Quart of VacOil, and JVR Industries RTIC Tumbler.

Shipments will begin on November 28th.


The JVR Vac110 chamber vacuum sealer is available at $949!
$50 off plus 4 FREE GIFTS! (Valued at $105)

Gifts include a Black Vac110 cover, 100 Pack – 11″ x 16″ (4 mil) VacPouch, 1 Quart of VacOil, and JVR Industries RTIC Tumbler.

Shipments will begin on November 28th.


The JVR Vac310 (1 Bar) chamber vacuum sealer is available at $1590!
$100 off plus 4 FREE GIFTS! (Valued at $184.50)

Gifts include a Black Vac310 cover, 500 Pack – 10″ x 13″ (4 mil) VacPouch, 1 Gallon of VacOil, and JVR Industries RTIC Tumbler.

Shipments will begin on November 28th.


The JVR Vac310 (2 Bar) chamber vacuum sealer is available at $1790!

$100 off plus 4 FREE GIFTS! (Valued at $184.50)

Gifts include a Black Vac310 cover, 500 Pack – 10″ x 13″ (4 mil) VacPouch, 1 Gallon of VacOil, and JVR Industries RTIC Tumbler.

Shipments will begin on November 28th.


The JVR Vac410 chamber vacuum sealer is available at $3190!
$100 off plus 4 FREE GIFTS! (Valued at $238.60)

Gifts include a Black Vac410 cover, 500 Pack – 10″ x 13″ (4 mil) VacPouch, 1 Gallon of VacOil, and JVR Industries RTIC Tumbler.

Shipments will begin on November 28th.


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What is a Chamber Vacuum Sealer

What is a Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

Unlike many suction, edge and external vacuum sealers, a chamber vacuum sealer houses the pouch and product within its chamber.

What is a Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

What Is A Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

Initially the pressure around us and inside the chamber are exactly identical (14.7 psi at sea level). Vacuum is created inside the chamber which in turn creates an airtight seal. Depending on the vacuum pump quality, up to 99.8% of the air is then removed from the chamber and vacuum pouch. Once all the air is extracted from the chamber, the vacuum pump shuts off and the bag is sealed.


Up to this point it will appear as though no air has been removed from the vacuum pouch. The pressure inside the pouch is equal to the pressure in the chamber. After the bag is fully sealed off, a valve will open to reintroduce air back in. The process will continue until pressure is equal to the environment outside the chamber. During these few seconds is when the bag will tighten up around the product. Finally, the vacuum sealed look will be observed in this final process.

What is a Chamber Vacuum Sealer


including soups, wines, marination, general moisture content from meats, and more! External vacuum sealers commonly break due to liquids being sucked up into the machine.

JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum SealerMASON JAR SEALING

Use with any size mason jar to seal it and preserve your jams, pickles, and more!


also known as retort processing or conventional canning. Heating food to a certain temperature to kill off all pathogenic microorganisms and lengthening storage life span.


by taking all of the air out of the cucumber while replacing it with pickling juice


alcohols, extracts, and more!

Why Wouldn’t I Just Go With An Edge, Suction, Or External Vacuum Sealer?

Three very simple reasons why you should stay with a chamber vacuum.


1) Initial cost of an external may be lower, but chamber vacuum pouches are 3-5 times cheaper than the textured bags and roll.


2) Secondly, life span and longevity of a chamber vacuum sealer far exceeds the cheaper suction, edge and external vacuum sealers.


3) Lastly, your packaged goods will stay fresh much longer due to a chamber sealers ability to remove more air. Most chamber vacuum sealers will remove at least 99% of air, compare that to only 80% for even a good quality external vacuum sealer. Throw away those oxygen absorbers because there won’t be any oxygen left to absorb when using a high quality chamber vacuum sealer.

Why Use A JVR Model Vac100 FlagShip Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

The JVR Vac100 is unique to its competition and a standalone machine.

Here are just some of the benefits:


built like a tank, easily transportable, accessory capable, oil lubricated vacuum pump. Something that we boast about is this machine is fully self-serviceable. A couple more added benefits include shatterproof tempered glass lid, tool-less seal bar removal. Lastly, simple programmable controls, and stainless steel body.

Brief Overview of the JVR Vac100 Chamber Vacuum Sealer:


•Built like a tank, weighing in at 52 pounds!

•Easily transportable, using the built in handles that are offset to balance out the weight. We also sell carts to make transportation around the house that much easier!

•Accessory capable, connect accessories using the accessory port on the Vac100. Our accessories include 3-piece canister set, wine stopper for wine preservation, 3 Gallon Chamber Accessory, and an adapter to connect to your foodsaver accessories.

•Oil lubricated vacuum pump, our rotary vane style vacuum pumps will not only outperform a “dry” pump but they will easily outlast and provide years of trouble free operation.


Read more on the JVR Model Vac100:

•Fully self-serviceable: We sell all the replacement parts for your VacSeries units including the Vac100. Not only do we provide replacement parts, but are developing a library of walk-through videos to help educate our custom- ers on self-service. Our machines are the green choice because they are built to spend a lifetime on your counter and not in a landfill.

•Shatterproof tempered glass lid is a transparent, contoured lid that pro- vides easy viewing of your product. Just like everything else on the Vac100, the lids are built to last.

•Tool-less seal bar removal makes for speedy change overs from seal bar assembly to our exclusive retort bar assembly.

•Simple programmable controls were created to be fully customizable. Create and store up to 9 custom programs to be used for a variety of applica- tions. Our unique “CLEAN PUMP” program is built in to provide easy mainte- nance that will extend the life of your vacuum pump.

•Stainless steel body for a clean, modern look, yet rigid and sustainable.

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JVR Industries

Introducing VacPouch


Introducing our line of VacPouch – Chamber Vacuum Pouches. Use these in pair with your VacSeries, including Vac100 and Vac110! Also compatible with other chamber vacuum sealers.

Don’t Compromise Quality for Price.


We wanted to put a face on our product that represented the quality of product that we are selling. VacPouch, Chamber Vacuum Pouches’ branding is to communicate visually the expertise behind the product alongside the quality of the pouches. Our chamber vacuum pouches stand up against all of our major competitors when it comes to the material construction of our chamber vacuum pouches!



•Most economical vacuum packaging material

•Superior clarity and sealing properties

•Contain a minimum nylon content of 20%

•Extensive selection of stock sizes



•VacSeries including Vac100, Vac110, Vac310

(1 BAR), Vac310 (2 BAR), and Vac410

•Will work on all makes & models of chamber vacuum sealers



Standard Duty: 3 or 4 mil

Good for standard use. The higher the mil, the higher the puncture resistance.


Heavy Duty: 5, 6 or 7 mil

Here lies our thickest available chamber vacuum pouches. Shop these for highest puncture resistance, but also consider buying thinner mil with VacGuard as an alternative. 6-7 mil are special order only. Please feel free to call to get pricing and order your 6-7 mil heavy duty chamber vacuum pouches.


Lowest Oxygenation Rates: High Barrier

Our high barrier pouches are co-extruded with EVOH which dramatically decreases OTR (oxygen transmission rate) and lowers gas transmission as well! Higher OTR means more shelf stable products. For most applications, this may be more than you need. The price is substantially higher compared to our standard VacPouch. If you need further guidance, please feel free to call JVR.


Quick Access: Zipper Chamber Vacuum Pouches

Just above the zipper is a tear-away notch. On the opposing side of the zipper and tear-away notch is an open side so you can quickly and easily put your food in your pouch. This is a convenience packed pouch!


Pre-printed Pouch: Safe Handling Chamber Vacuum Pouches

Need pouches that have the safe handling instructions already printed on your pouches? We have those too! Feel free to check out what we have online or call for more questions. Do you need more than some generic printed safe handling pouch? Maybe consider having our designer custom design your company a pouch! 


Custom Pouches: In-house design and custom

printed chamber vacuum pouches

We now have an in-house designer who is willing and able to create a unique pouch for your company. Have a really rough mockup of what you want printed or previously printed with another company, but do not have the artwork? Well we can also recreate from mockups, scans, low resolution proofs, etc! We are capable of printing with CMYK to PMS (Pantone Matching System).


500 PACK - chamber vacuum pouches

JVR Industries sells a MASSIVE inventory of VacPouch – Chamber Vacuum Pouches! From 60+ sizes of chamber vacuum pouches and several different quantities ranging from 100 PACKS to cases of 1000s!

100 pack - chamber vacuum pouches

You can find our 100 PACKS in our online store as well as our eBay! On eBay, you will find that you can BUY MORE, SAVE MORE! Click here to see our competitive pricing!

Want to order via our website and get FREE SHIPPING?

Looking to buy more than just pouches today? Consider bundling your order with other products to try and achieve FREE SHIPPING. Click here to find out how to bundle your order of VacPouch with other items to get FREE SHIPPING.


Did you know that you get free sample packs of VacPouch included with your purchase of either a Vac100 or a Vac110? No? Well see to your right for more information on the interest packaging machine purchase.

Vac100 Sample Pack of Chamber Vacuum Pouches (VacPouch)



6×8 | 8×12 | 10×12 | 12×12



Vac110 Sample Pack of Chamber Vacuum Pouches (VacPouch)



6×8 | 8×12 | 10×12 | 10×15





We recently launched a “Did You Know” series on our facebook. Feel free to go follow us to learn more about your chamber vacuum sealer, vacuum sealer, rollstock thermoformer, and more!


Once in awhile we get a new customer who is unaware of how to purchase their chamber vacuum pouches on size. This is because the measurements of the pouch are from the outside of the pouch and not the inside diameter.

So to help alleviate any potential confusion, we created this easy-to-use diagram so you can nail down the exact pouch you need without spending unnecessary money!

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VacSeries SALE!

Limited Time Offer on new Vac100 cover, Vac100 preorder with a gift of the new Vac100 cover, and Vac110 discount for those who do not want to wait for the arrival of Vac100!

Been wanting a Vac100? Well now you can preorder and receive a FREE gift: A Vac100 Cover! OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 16TH, 2022!
Can’t wait for a Vac100? Vac110 now available for purchase. Stronger oil lubricated pump and faster sealing! OFFER EXPIRES JULY 1ST, 2022!
You already own a Vac100 and want a case? Well we thought of you all as well. We made the covers for preorder for our faithful customers! OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 16TH, 2022!

Everything you’ll ever need for your JVR Vac100 is here.  Don’t forget to order our popular accessories with your new Vac100 and take advantage of the Free Shipping!  We highly recommend ordering a spare quart of vacuum pump oil with your machine and don’t forget the vacuum bags. Interested in vacuum sealing Mylar or Retort bags?  If so, don’t forget to order a Retort seal bar assembly. Check out the Pleasant Grove Farm website to learn more about Retort canning or if you’re looking for a great source for Mylar and Retort bags. If you have any questions, please contact us, we love talking with our customers!  Email: jvr@jvrinc.com or call (716) 206-2500, M-F 8:30-5 EST.

The JVR Vac110, vacuum chamber sealer, may be small but it’s a workhorse and built with durability and speed in mind.  Capable of sealing up to 11″x16″ vacuum bags, the Vac110 stands apart from its competition.  The 5.2″ maximum chamber height provides ample room for sealing high profile products and the extra-wide, 8mm seal wire, insures optimal seal integrity.  At the heart of every vacuum sealer is the vacuum pump and the Vac110 touts a powerful 1/3hp, oil lubricated vacuum pump, capable of evacuating 99% of the air in 30 seconds.

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