Random Repeat VS Registered Printed Film

Registered vs Random Repeat Rollstock Film

Registered vs Random Repeat Custom-Printed Rollstock Film

Today, we will discuss the differences between registered and random repeat custom-printed films for rollstock packaging. Our customers often seek further clarification on these terms and how they compare. Let’s explore the characteristics of these two types of custom-printed thermoforming packaging films.

Forming Film PRS Mini Steaks - Rollstock Thermoforming Packaging Film
Registered Print Example

Registered print is a straightforward printing method where the artwork repeats at the same distance as the cutting tool. For instance, if the cutting occurs every 200mm, the artwork will repeat in 200mm increments on the rollstock unit. This type of printing is ideal for customers with larger volume orders requiring more information on each package. Registered print has a visually appealing quality and is similar to labeling. Customers transitioning from labels to registered print find the process seamless. However, this type of print demands meticulous attention to detail and precise operation of the rollstock thermoforming equipment. It requires an operator with a keen sense of quality.








Random repeated custom-printed rollstock film is when you set up artwork to repeat in a patterned sense. The artwork does not seem random, but the cutting time is random. For example, your artwork could repeat at 200mm, but your unit could be cutting your film every 120mm. Your final package will seem as if the print is random, but ultimately it is your cutting that is random relatively speaking. See the reference image where the film behind the sealed product has a repeating leaf.

Random Repeat Print Example






Registered vs Random Repeat
Random Print Film Comparison

Random repeat print is quite simple to set up. Typically you need to set up per the width of your roll multiplied by how many lanes are being printed. As far as the advance, you will need the plate size from the printer. All of this information is readily available upon request.

Registered film artwork.
Registered Film Comparison

The registered print will need to be set up off of the die file provided by the manufacturer of your thermoforming vacuum packaging machine. You need pocket length, pocket width, pack width, top film (non-forming) width, and advance length (repeat length). Usually, the die file will provide all of this information making it easier to forward off to JVR Industries. We require our customers to only send a 1-up file and we can step out the artwork and apply the required distortions for proper printing.

JVR Industries can use pre-existing files such as .ai, .pdf, .psd, and .jpeg. The file type we require for your specific job depends on what you require of us. If you are looking to just print the file you have, then we need a workable file such as an adobe illustrator file or illustrator pdf file. In the event that your text needs to be edited, we will need the text to be live in the file.

Looking for a brand-new design? No problem! You can leave that up to our in-house graphic designer/prepress technician to tend to. Lastly, if you are considering a recreate, we need any file type. Flattened files like .jpeg might work but depends on the specific scenario. Please feel free to reach out to andrew@jvrinc.com for any custom printed rollstock thermoforming vacuum packaging film requests.

Selecting the type of printing is all dependent on your personal preferences and needs!

Typically, random repeat printed bags only use one color of ink like black. It is not uncommon for customers to use this for things like bio-hazard, recycling, or suffocation warning symbols. Often times this type of printing is so our customers can meet the standards or requirements in their industry.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call our offices in Lancaster, NY.

Read more about our custom printed films below!

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5 Steps – Vacuum Sealing Liquids

5 steps to vacuum seal liquids in chamber vacuum sealers

Today we discuss the basic principles or steps of how to vacuum seal liquids in a chamber vacuum sealer! Here are 5 steps to vacuum seal liquids in a chamber vacuum sealer: Pre-chill product, clean the mouth of the pouch, gravity-feed product in the pouch, increase headspace in the bag, and use a SKIP function, if present on the unit. These 5 steps help promote seal integrity, maximize vacuum draw, demote the opportunity for freezer burn, and prevent liquids from boiling over!

Vacuum Packed Food in Fridge

Lower temperatures maximize vacuum draw! Pre-chill your homemade soup, marinades, and more beforehand to maximize your vacuum draw. Decreasing temperature increases the vacuum draw you can pull before reaching boiling point.

Once a rapid boil takes place, you have officially hit the maximum vacuum draw potential for that specific pouch. You could pull for an additional 10 minutes after the rapid boil commences and all you will achieve is a mess, a bad seal, and no more vacuum draw than when the boil began.

If you were to toss a hot liquid in a chamber pouch to vacuum seal it, you would notice the liquid boiling much quicker than a chilled one! Maximize your shelf life by pre-chilling your liquids ahead of time!

VacPouch Soup Clean Mouth Papertowel

Just an ounce of liquid on the sealing area of the pouch can result in poor seal integrity. Place paper towels on the mouth of the pouch and wipe away any extra fish sauces, meat marinades, or general soups that may have been left over. Keeping the mouth clear of liquid or debris will help optimize seal integrity and reduce frustration. Vacuum seal correctly with a debris-free mouth.

Vac100 Angled Soup

Once a product begins rapid boiling it will continue to climb out of the pouch and into your vacuum sealer! Step #3 is more of a preventative measure to ensure a mess-free operation and promote optimum seal integrity. Stop the mess and bad seals by angling your pouch at a 10°-20° angle so that your liquid is gravity-feeding to the base of the vacuum bag or chamber pouch. Take this extra step to keep that liquid away from the seal area of the bag. Liquid on the mouth of the pouch will cause seal failure.

Vac100 boil over
Vac100 - Rapid Boil Soup

Leave about 2-3″ of space at the bag mouth to help prevent boilover! Increasing the distance from the edge of the liquid to the mouth of the pouch gives you more time to respond. Selecting a larger size pouch will increase the gap between the liquid and the mouth of the pouch. The more significant the gap, the better! Create a nice tight seal with just a little extra space. This method is just another way to make vacuum sealing more of an enjoyable process instead of a miserable one.

Vacuum Sealing Liquids - Vac100
Vac100 skip function display board

Some vacuum sealers and some chamber vacuum sealers do not have the functionality to exit the vacuum cycle and enter the seal cycle. Many units force the user to exit out of any and all cycles involved in the process. This means stopping the entire unit, adjusting the vacuum cycle time, and restarting. For most users, this is not a big issue because many of us are sealing the same temperature and volume of soup over and over. For others, this will be problematic because the user is constantly changing the types of homemade soups, temperatures, volume, and viscosity.

Vacuum sealing meat is a concern that many of our customers have because of the rapid boiling that takes place in the juices. The smaller the quantity of liquid, the more minimized the impact of vaporization from the boil. Some meats have a higher moisture content. We suggest not pouring all the liquids in with the meat to minimize the impact of vaporization. The less liquid you have, the less of a concern of the impact on vacuum draw. Also after sealing many high moisture content products, we suggest making certain you get your oil pump nice and hot to expel any unwanted moisture from the pump.

Can I use a mason jar to vacuum seal liquids?

Yes! You can use a mason jars to seal up liquids if you prefer this method. Vacuum sealing liquids in a mason jar does not have any other benefit when compared to a chamber sealer pouch. Chamber pouches on the other hand do. Boil water, place soup in pouch in the pot of water, pull out after 5 minutes, and enjoy your lunch or dinner without making a mess!

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Vac100 Seal Soup
Vac100 Seal Soup

What type of vacuum sealer is most appropriate for the job of vacuum sealing liquid rich foods?

Selecting the proper sealer whether it be a low-level vacuum sealer or industrial-grade chamber vacuum sealer is everything when sealing liquid rich foods properly. Let’s discuss the factors that can majorly impact your final seal when dealing with wayward liquid.

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Dry piston vacuum pump vs oil pumps: One of the biggest factors behind longevity

Most typical low-end external models such as edge or suction vacuum sealers host what is called a dry piston pump. An external vacuum sealer might not be the best selection for liquid food. What about a chamber vacuum sealer? Some lower-end chamber sealers will even have this type of pump at the heart of the unit. So if you are considering entire liquid food items, you may want to read on!

Dry piston pumps are more than fine if you are sealing only dry food only. Once a dry pump, alternatively known as a “maintenance-free pump,” starts vacuuming any type of moisture-content products, the pump will slowly internally corrode eventually leading to an unusable pump. The downfall of a “maintenance-free” pump in this situation is that it lives up to its name: maintenance-free.

Oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps on the other hand are able to expel moisture content preventing internal corrosion with proper care. Oil pumps, once they are hot, will separate the water and oil. The liquid in the pump will then vaporize and exit out of the exhaust, but continue to circulate the oil. Selecting the proper vacuum sealer with the best vacuum pump means a better life span, higher vacuum draw faster, and more! Learn more here on the differences between dry pumps and oil pumps.

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer | best chamber vacuum sealer for home use

What is the best vacuum sealer for liquids? Why a chamber sealer is best suited to vacuum seal liquids

Find a chamber vacuum sealer that checks all the boxes! Everyone is looking for an all-around, good chamber vacuum sealer with good customer service.

The JVR Vac100 chamber vacuum sealer is one of the best industrial-grade vacuum sealers for vacuum sealing liquids, general vacuum sealing, sealing retort pouches, mylar bags, sesal the largest and highest quantity of mason jar simultaneously, and so much more! Seal and freeze liquids without any opportunity for freezer burn! Vacuum seal food, use your external vacuum accessories from Foodsaver with our unit and so much more.

Learn more about what makes the JVR Vac100 one of the best chamber vacuum sealers in the market today! Click to read more.

About JVR Industries

Any further questions?

Please feel free to call JVR Industries to discuss the subject further. We have specialized in vacuum packaging for over 50 years! Vacuum sealing food, vacuum sealing meat, vacuum bags, external vacuum sealers, how to create a seal, fragile foods under vacuum, and other topics are something we would gladly discuss!

JVR Industries is available Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 5 pm EST for any further questions or technical support. You can reach us at (716)206-2500.

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AAMP - American Association of Meat Processors

AAMP Annual Convention 2023

AAMP Annual Convention 2023

AAMP - American Association of Meat Processors

JVR Industries, Inc.® is traveling to South Carolina to appear at AAMP Annual Convention 2023! We will be sharing a booth with our proud partners, Promarks! We would love to meet you all and discuss vacuum packaging needs, problems, etc. Feel free to look out for our president and vice president, Bob and Andrew Eising. You can find them at Booth #213 with Promarks. Both Andrew and Bob should be wearing distinguishable JVR Industries outfits. So keep an eye out for them and say “hello!”

Andrew Eising - Vice President of JVR Industries
Bob Eising - President of JVR Industries

General Information on the AAMP Convention:

Where: Charleston, South Carolina (Learn more below)

When: July 13th-15th (Learn more below)


Convention Registration Hours

The registration desk is located in the Charleston Convention Center (CCC), First Floor, Main Lobby

Wednesday, July 12…….. 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Thursday, July 13………… 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Friday, July 14 …………….. 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Saturday, July 15 ………… 10:00AM- 12:00 PM


Exhibit Hall Hours

Thursday, July 13……….. 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Friday, July 14…………. 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Saturday, July 15……….10:30 AM – 1:30 PM


Click here to learn more!

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PAMP 2023

“…seminar provided by Andrew Eising of JVR Industries on Rollstock HFFS Thermoformers!”

JVR Industries is going to PAMP 2023 at the Penn Stater Conference Center! Join us this year for exclusive discounts on our website and an exclusive seminar provided by Andrew Eising of JVR Industries on Rollstock HFFS Thermoformers!

PAMP 2023

PAMP 2023This year we will be bringing a large fleet of JVR VacSeries & Promarks units! Our booth will host chamber vacuum sealers, rollstock hffs thermoformer, and an upcoming product from our JVR VacSeries line! Come get a sneak peek of what we will be releasing soon! JVR Industries will also be hosting samples of our VacSupplies line. Come experience 50 years of vacuum packaging with JVR Industries at PAMP 2023!


WHEN: MAY 11-14





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3 Differences - Chamber Pouches & Foodsaver Bags

3 Differences – Chamber Pouches & Foodsaver Bags

“…the same exact composition of co-extruded polyethylene and nylon.”

What are the major differences on chamber vacuum pouches and vacuum seal bags (used for edge, suction, and external vacuum sealers)?

Before we get into the differences in chamber pouches & foodsaver bags, we want to show you the similarities! Chamber vacuum pouches and vacuum seal bags for external sealers are the same exact composition of co-extruded polyethylene and nylon.

Now that we have that out of the way, what are the differences? The products have three simple differences!

Foodsaver style textured roll
Average Savings Per Pouch Compared to Edge, Suction, or External Vacuum

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Save Even More with VacPouch

Save Even More with VacPouch!

Save Even More with VacPouch

“…some of the best pricing in the NorthEast USA”

VacPouch Customizable Variety Pack

Are the predefined and tailored VacPouch variety packs for your JVR Vac100 or Vac110 not cutting it for your needs? Today we fix that issue so that you can achieve the same percentage of savings while customizing your very own VacPouch variety pack. Select up to 5 sizes/thickness of our VacPouch – 100 PACKS and save almost 10%! JVR Vac110 owners can now buy the 11x16s in 500 PACKS using this method as well! So buy more and save more with our customizable VacPouch variety packs any way you please!

Enjoy your savings on our chamber vacuum pouch line – VacPouch today! Thanks for your continued support of JVR Industries. Your support helps us support our customers to the best of our ability.

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What is a Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

What is a Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

“A chamber vacuum sealer distinguishes itself from a regular vacuum sealer by removing all the air in the pouch & chamber, resulting in a completely airtight seal for your product.”

A VacSeries chamber for everybody from home to business.

What Is A Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

A very common question for us to receive is: “What is a Chamber Vacuum Sealer?”

Today, we will answer that question simply!

A chamber vacuum sealer distinguishes itself from a regular vacuum sealer by removing all the air in the pouch & chamber vac itself, resulting in a completely airtight seal for your product.


Initially, the air pressure around us and the air pressure inside the chamber of the chamber sealer are exactly identical (14.7 psi at sea level). A vacuum is created inside the chamber vacuum sealer which in turn creates an airtight seal. Depending on the vacuum pump quality, up to 99.8% of the air is then removed from the chamber sealer and vacuum pouch. Once all the air is extracted from the chamber, the vacuum pump shuts off and the bag is sealed.

Up to this point, it will appear as though no air has been removed from the vacuum pouch. The pressure inside the pouch is equal to the pressure in the chamber vacuum sealer. After the bag is fully sealed off, a valve will open to reintroduce air back in. The process will continue until pressure is equal to the environment outside the chamber. During these few seconds is when the bag will tighten up around the product. Finally, the vacuum-sealed look will be observed in this final process.

How does the sealing process work?

The air inside is first evacuated out of the chamber vacuum sealer machine. Once the chamber vac machine removes the air from the chamber entirely, it then recycles the air into the seal section. The air is re-exerted or recycled under the seal bar lift pistons forcing the bar up while simultaneously heating the seal wire (heat strip) up. The more air you remove, the more powerful the seal.

What can you do with a chamber sealer? Why would you need a chamber vacuum sealer?

Promote longer-lasting food storage and reduce food waste. Save up to $1866 per year on food waste and enjoy deliciously prepared meats at the same time! You can also save up to $0.47/pouch as compared to external texture/embossed vacuum seal bags & rolls for food saver style machines.

Dry Goods

Stock up on lentils, beans, legumes, ground or whole bean coffee, rice, noodles, oatmeal, spices, cereal, powdered milk/juice, chips, potato flakes, and flour.

Vacuum Sealing Meats

Preserve the freshness of steak, brisket, venison, ground beef, chicken, turkey, frozen fish, moose, bear, bison, jerky, and more!

Ways to Use a Chamber Vacuum Sealer: Meats
Ways to Use a Chamber Vacuum Sealer: Sous Vide Cooking

Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide means “under vacuum.” Achieve perfectly cooked meats every time by slow-cooking food in a controlled temperature bath using BPA-free chamber vacuum pouches. Perfectly cooked meat every single time! Sous vide has endless options! Sous vide steak, oatmeal, eggs, and so on!

Preservation of Vegetables

Vacuum seal corn-on-the-cob, whole carrots, asparagus, radishes, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, and other commonly used vegetables are fresh for longer.

Ways to Use a Chamber Vacuum Sealer: Preserve Vegetables
Ways to Use a Chamber Vacuum Sealer: Deep Tissue Marinade

Deep Tissue Marination & Brining

Enhance flavors and reduce marinating/brining times to just 10 minutes. Extract air from meat/foods, replacing it with your marinade while sealing the pouch.

Sealing Liquids (Moist Items)

Safely vacuum seal soups, wines, marinated meats, and other moisture-rich items without worrying about external vacuum sealers breaking due to liquid suction.

JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Mason Jar Sealing

Preserve your homemade jams, pickles, and more by sealing them in mason jars of any size. Just remember that these appliance can seal a mason jar so powerfully, that you may find yourself replacing the mouth lid, due to distortion.

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer | JVR Industries

Retort Canning

Extend the shelf life of food by heating it to a specific temperature, eliminating pathogenic microorganisms. Also known as retort processing or conventional canning. If you have never heard of retort canning, you have most definitely seen it in a local grocery store! If you have seen those metallic tuna bags in the grocery store, then you have a perfect example of retort canning.

Expedited Pickling (Quick Pickles)

Remove air from cucumbers and replace it with pickling liquid and juice for a faster pickling process.

Rapid Infusion

Infuse alcohols, extracts, and other substances quickly and efficiently. You can even create your very own vanilla extract and other liquids!

Sealing Delicate Items

Effortlessly seal delicate items using our VacLok stainless steel canister set! No need to worry about the sheer pressure from the bag crushing your berries, leftovers, and so forth.

Eliminate Freezer Burn

Every chamber vacuum sealer unit that contains an oil pump is capable of delivering a full vacuum draw cycle that removes up to 99% air from the pouch or container. Deliver a product with an airtight seal and stop freezer burn from ever happening again!

Three very simple reasons why you should stay with a chamber vacuum sealer machine.

1) Initial cost of a regular vacuum sealer (external) may be lower, but chamber vacuum pouches/bags are 3-5 times cheaper than the textured bags and roll.

2) Secondly, the life span and longevity of a chamber vacuum sealer far exceeds the cheaper suction, edge, and external vacuum sealers.

3) Lastly, your packaged goods will stay fresh much longer due to a chamber vacuum sealer’s ability to remove more air. Most chamber vacuum sealers will remove at least 99% of air, compare to only 80% for even a good quality external vacuum sealer. Dispose of those oxygen absorbers as a high-quality chamber vacuum sealer eliminates the presence of oxygen, leaving nothing for them to absorb.

What is a Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

The JVR Vac100 appliance is unique to its competition and is a standalone vacuum sealing machine.

Here are just some of the benefits: Experience the exceptional qualities of our chamber vacuum sealer: a robust construction, effortless portability, and the ability to accommodate various external accessories including our VacLok canisters. We take pride in the fact that this chamber vacuum sealer is entirely self-serviceable, offering you convenience and peace of mind. Moreover, revel in the added advantages of a shatterproof tempered glass lid and a seal bar that can be removed effortlessly without the need for tools. Our chamber vacuum sealer has programmable controls that are user-friendly, allowing for simple operation, while its sleek stainless steel body exudes durability and elegance.


•Built like a tank, weighing in at 52 pounds!

•Our design includes transport handles with built-in handles positioned strategically to achieve weight balance, facilitating easy transportation.

•Accessory capable, connect accessories using the accessory port on the Vac100 chamber sealer. Our accessories include a wine stopper for wine preservation, a 3 Gallon Chamber Accessory, VacLok stainless steel canister set, and an adapter to connect to your Foodsaver vacuum sealing accessories.

•Oil lubricated vacuum pump, our rotary vane style vacuum pumps will not only outperform a “dry” pump, alternatively known as a dry piston pump, but they will easily outlast and provide years of trouble-free operation. Consider this strong vacuum pump for durability, longevity, and functionality.



Please feel free to check out our line of chamber vacuum sealers, the JVR VacSeries.


For free technical support services on your chamber vacuum sealer, please contact JVR Industries today!


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VacPouch Chamber Vacuum Pouches

Introducing VacPouch


Introducing VacPouch - chamber vacuum pouches

Introducing our line of VacPouch – Chamber Vacuum Pouches. Use these in pair with your VacSeries, including Vac100 and Vac110! Also compatible with other chamber vacuum sealers.


We wanted to put a face on our product that represented the quality of product that we are selling. VacPouch, Chamber Vacuum Pouches’ branding is to communicate visually the expertise behind the product alongside the quality of the pouches. Our chamber vacuum pouches stand up against all of our major competitors when it comes to the material construction of our chamber vacuum pouches!


•Most economical vacuum packaging material

•Superior clarity and sealing properties

•Contain a minimum nylon content of 20%

•Extensive selection of stock sizes



•VacSeries including Vac100, Vac110, Vac310

(1 BAR), Vac310 (2 BAR), and Vac410

•Will work on all makes & models of chamber vacuum sealers


Standard Duty: 3 or 4 mil

Good for standard use. The higher the mil, the higher the puncture resistance.


Heavy Duty: 5, 6 or 7 mil

Here lies our thickest available chamber vacuum pouches. Shop these for highest puncture resistance, but also consider buying thinner mil with VacGuard as an alternative. 6-7 mil are special order only. Please feel free to call to get pricing and order your 6-7 mil heavy duty chamber vacuum pouches.


Lowest Oxygenation Rates: High Barrier

Our high barrier pouches are co-extruded with EVOH which dramatically decreases OTR (oxygen transmission rate) and lowers gas transmission as well! Higher OTR means more shelf stable products. For most applications, this may be more than you need. The price is substantially higher compared to our standard VacPouch. If you need further guidance, please feel free to call JVR.


Quick Access: Zipper Chamber Vacuum Pouches

Just above the zipper is a tear-away notch. On the opposing side of the zipper and tear-away notch is an open side so you can quickly and easily put your food in your pouch. This is a convenience packed pouch!


Pre-printed Pouch: Safe Handling Chamber Vacuum Pouches

Need pouches that have the safe handling instructions already printed on your pouches? We have those too! Feel free to check out what we have online or call for more questions. Do you need more than some generic printed safe handling pouch? Maybe consider having our designer custom design your company a pouch! 


Custom Pouches: In-house design and custom

printed chamber vacuum pouches

We now have an in-house designer who is willing and able to create a unique pouch for your company. Have a really rough mockup of what you want printed or previously printed with another company, but do not have the artwork? Well we can also recreate from mockups, scans, low resolution proofs, etc! We are capable of printing with CMYK to PMS (Pantone Matching System).


500-pack VacPouch with zipper

JVR Industries sells a MASSIVE inventory of VacPouch – Chamber Vacuum Pouches! From 60+ sizes of chamber vacuum pouches and several different quantities ranging from 100 PACKS to cases of 1000s!

VacPouch 100-pack

You can find our 100 PACKS in our online store as well as our eBay! On eBay, you will find that you can BUY MORE, SAVE MORE! Click here to see our competitive pricing!

Shipping Policy

Looking to buy more than just pouches today? Consider bundling your order with other products to try and achieve FREE SHIPPING. Click here to find out how to bundle your order of VacPouch with other items to get FREE SHIPPING.


Did you know that you get free sample packs of VacPouch included with your purchase of either a Vac100 or a Vac110? No? Well see to your right for more information on the interest packaging machine purchase.

Vac100 Sample Pack

Vac100 Sample Pack of Chamber Vacuum Pouches (VacPouch)



6×8 | 8×12 | 10×12 | 12×12



Vac110 Sample Pack of Chamber Vacuum Pouches (VacPouch)



6×8 | 8×12 | 10×12 | 10×15



Once in awhile we get a new customer who is unaware of how to purchase their chamber vacuum pouches on size. This is because the measurements of the pouch are from the outside of the pouch and not the inside diameter.

So to help alleviate any potential confusion, we created this easy-to-use diagram so you can nail down the exact pouch you need without spending unnecessary money!

Chamber Vacuum Pouches (VacPouch)
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Vac100 and Vac110 Preorder bundle

VacSeries SALE!

VacSeries Sale

Check out the big savings you can receive on our limited time VacSeries Sale! Limited Time Offer on new Vac100 cover, Vac100 preorder with a gift of the new Vac100 cover, and Vac110 discount for those who do not want to wait for the arrival of Vac100!

Vac100 and Vac110 Preorder bundle
Been wanting a Vac100? Well now you can preorder and receive a FREE gift: A Vac100 Cover! OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 16TH, 2022!
Can’t wait for a Vac100? Vac110 now available for purchase. Stronger oil lubricated pump and faster sealing! OFFER EXPIRES JULY 1ST, 2022!
You already own a Vac100 and want a case? Well we thought of you all as well. We made the covers for preorder for our faithful customers! OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 16TH, 2022!

Everything you’ll ever need for your JVR Vac100 is here.  Don’t forget to order our popular accessories with your new Vac100 and take advantage of the Free Shipping!  We highly recommend ordering a spare quart of vacuum pump oil with your machine and don’t forget the vacuum bags. Interested in vacuum sealing Mylar or Retort bags?  If so, don’t forget to order a Retort seal bar assembly. Check out the Pleasant Grove Farm website to learn more about Retort canning or if you’re looking for a great source for Mylar and Retort bags. If you have any questions, please contact us, we love talking with our customers!  Email: jvr@jvrinc.com or call (716) 206-2500, M-F 8:30-5 EST.

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer | what is a chamber vacuum sealer
JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer / Vac110 Frequently Asked Questions | JVR Industries

The JVR Vac110, vacuum chamber sealer, may be small but it’s a workhorse and built with durability and speed in mind.  Capable of sealing up to 11″x16″ vacuum bags, the Vac110 stands apart from its competition.  The 5.2″ maximum chamber height provides ample room for sealing high profile products and the extra-wide, 8mm seal wire, insures optimal seal integrity.  At the heart of every vacuum sealer is the vacuum pump and the Vac110 touts a powerful 1/3hp, oil lubricated vacuum pump, capable of evacuating 99% of the air in 30 seconds.

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