Save Even More with VacPouch

“…some of the best pricing in the NorthEast USA”

VacPouch Customizable Variety Pack

Are the predefined and tailored VacPouch variety packs for your JVR Vac100 or Vac110 not cutting it for your needs? Today we fix that issue so that you can achieve the same percentage of savings while customizing your very own VacPouch variety pack. Select up to 5 sizes/thickness of our VacPouch – 100 PACKS and save almost 10%! JVR Vac110 owners can now buy the 11x16s in 500 PACKS using this method as well! So buy more and save more with our customizable VacPouch variety packs any way you please!

Enjoy your savings on our chamber vacuum pouch line – VacPouch today! Thanks for your continued support of JVR Industries. Your support helps us support our customers to the best of our ability.

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