Custom Printed Thermoforming Films

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JVR Industries provides premium printing services on our VacSeal and VacPeel! We can provide full/partial prints, registered or random printing, full color CMYK or even PMS. We also have an in-house graphic designer/prepress technician able to provide you with designing services or even recreate a label that you do not have a file for! We would love to partner with you on your premium vacuum packaging for your rollstock, PRS mini, or any thermorforming packaging machine! Please feel free to call our office from 8:30am-5pm EST to ask further questions!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call our offices in Lancaster, NY: (716) 206-2500

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Custom Printed Thermoforming Films

Camellia Custom Printed Film


Custom printed films provide stunning forming and non-forming flexible packaging for your rollstock thermoforming vacuum packaging machines. Stand out from the crowd with premium printing services here at JVR Industries!


Roll stock film is one of our specialties and we dare you to compare our premium high barrier films with any of our competitors. Superior quality, in-stock availability, and great customer service!

VacSeal Film Graphics

We aren’t simply a supplier of packaging materials, we are a vacuum packaging solutions company. If you have a problem that needs solving then give us a call and we’ll come up with a solution. At JVR, we specialize in vacuum packaging equipment and supplies and have since 1972!

A perfect blend of EVOH and other materials to create a strong, high barrier against moisture, oxygen and powerful puncture resistance. We guarantee this will work on your roll-stock packaging machine!



•Extensive selection of sizes in stock
•High oxygen and vapor barrier properties
•Outstanding sealing properties
•Fewer blowouts due to our proprietary formula that provides the optimal formability
•“Soft Feel” enables films to remain flexible even at deep freeze temperatures
•9 Layer Co-Extruded Construction
•Typically used in fresh applications where high barrier is important to extended shelf life
•Standard and Custom web widths available
•FDA approved for direct food contact applications



•Use with roll stock thermoformer vacuum packaging machines otherwise known as HFFS machines.


JVR Industries has made both basic plain forming and non forming films, but we also custom print them as well! JVR has been specializing in vacuum packaging since 1972! We provide optimal knowledge alongside premium product as a great foundation in film for your roll stock packaging machine. Call us and we will gladly show you samples of our work.

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Consider buying our powerful VacSeal, non-forming films to seal the deal on your VacForm materials. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us to discuss VacForm, VacSeal and even VacPeel.

Make sure to check out our selection of JVR Certified Rebuilt rollstock machines! We rebuild them better than the original condition of the machine at a fraction of the cost.

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