Happy Fathers Day Sale - Vac110

JVR Vac110 Father’s Day Sale!

Get $100 off a brand new JVR Vac110 and experience the luxury of speed and efficiency it delivers!

JVR Vac110 Fathers Day Sale!

Calling all the dads, granddads, or sons looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift! Have you been in search of a new or upgraded vacuum sealer to enhance your packaging experience? How about a quick and sure way to package those burgers through winter without fear of freezer burn to then enjoy those summer evenings grilling for your family or with your fellow dads? Maybe you have already considered purchasing our powerhouse chamber vacuum sealer, the JVR Vac110 – Now is your chance! 

Our Father’s Day sale is now live. Get $100 off a brand new JVR Vac110 and experience the luxury of speed and efficiency it delivers! 

Happy Fathers Day Sale - Vac110

The JVR Vac110 is known as our powerhouse chamber vacuum sealer as it produces a flow rate of 8 cubic meters per hour – that’s twice the flow rate of the Vac100! Talk about an upgrade in your packaging efficiency and speed!  

Manufactured with a stainless steel body, an 8 mm heat strip width that exceeds the industry standard, and retort capability, the JVR Vac110 delivers above and beyond.

Transportation and kitchen countertop use is still an option with the W,D,H dimensions being 14.7” x 19.8” x 16” (H of 25.5” with lid open) and weight at 77 lbs. Although the dimensions are slightly larger than a Vac100, the Vac110 is still manageable for kitchen use if speed and power are your top priorities. 

JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer, chamber vacuum sealers

The coupon is live now for $100 off a JVR Vac110 beginning on May 14th and running through June 16th. 

For 100$ off the JVR Vac110 



Call us with any questions, related or unrelated, during our business hours of 8:30 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday. We would be happy to help!  

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Suction Vacuum Sealer vs Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Suction Vacuum Sealer vs Chamber Vacuum Sealer

“a slight difference in a vacuum sealer can alter the outcomes of your endeavors…”

If you are in search of a vacuum sealer, you are likely looking for the perfect one that ensures your packaging needs are met. The simple fact is that a slight difference in a vacuum sealer can alter the outcomes of your endeavors just as certain jars or containers function more appropriately for storing different foods. Awareness of these differences is vital. Today, we will provide an educated explanation of the difference between a suction and chamber vacuum sealer machine regarding function, affordability, durability and vacuum draw based on pump type, and more!

Suction Vacuum Sealer vs Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Suction Vacuum Sealer

Suction vacuum sealers are commonly referred to as suction, edge, or external vacuum sealers. The names comply when considering the sealing process. To vacuum seal use an edge vacuum sealer, place the item in the bag then enclose the open end of the bag on the seal bar. It then sucks the air from the open end of the bag and seals the bag closed. In some cases, customers will use a roll form of this product. In these situations, the user needs to seal one end, then insert the product, and then seal.

Vacuum Sealer (CLOSED)

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

To vacuum seal using a chamber vacuum sealer, slide the open side of the pouch into the pouch clips in the chamber, close the lid, and all three cycles will transpire automatically.

Now, when a vacuum is applied to a liquid, it will experience a cold rapid boil. What is a cold rapid boil? Let’s start by defining boiling. Boiling is the transition state of liquid turning to gas when it reaches the same atmospheric pressure being exerted on the liquid (1). As atmospheric pressure drops, the boiling point decreases accordingly.

For example, at sea level, with an atmospheric pressure is 29.92 Hg the boiling point is 212 °F. At an elevation of 2000 ft, the atmospheric pressure is about 27.82 Hg, decreasing the boiling point to 208 °F. Imagine what the boiling point reaches if the pressure nears 0 Hg as occurs using an oil pump!

When the rapid boil begins, this is your sign that maximum draw has occurred. Use the skip function to bypass the remainder of the cycle time as the liquid may climb out of the pouch if the rapid boil continues. Set one of the programs to those observed cycle times for your next pouch and you’re all set to save time and limit waste!

For more details on vacuum sealing liquids, click here.

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Suction Vacuum Sealer

Due to its external vacuum process, a pressure imbalance is produced between the outside and inside of the bag. This can cause a siphoning effect when sealing foods containing liquids. So for items such as sauces or marinading meat, the pressure imbalance may pull those liquids towards the machine causing the liquids to either enter the machine or create a faulty seal allowing air back into the bag which defeats the purpose of the vacuum.

Consequently, external vacuum sealers can vacuum seal any dry, solid, or frozen food, but not liquids.

Some companies may suggest freezing the liquid before vacuum sealing, yet this prolongs the food storage process.

Vacuum Sealer (OPENED)

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Alternatively, due to the enclosed chamber of the chamber vacuum sealer, the pressure is equally distributed between the outside and inside of the bag within the chamber promoting the liquids to stay in place inside the pouch.

Therefore, the chamber vacuum sealer machine can seal liquids with complete assurance as the siphoning effect does not apply!

JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer, chamber vacuum sealers

Taking into account durability, vacuum draw, and noise pollution, a chamber vacuum sealer machine with an oil pump takes the gold!

It is important to consider that not all chamber vacuum sealers contain oil-lubricated pumps. Therefore, if you want these benefits, confirm the vacuum sealing machine holds an oil-lubricated pump.

Vacuum Sealer
Oil vs Dry Pump - Timeline

Click image to enlarge

The Benefits of an Oil-Lubricated Pump Explained

1) Increased Durability

The durability of an oil pump is unmatched due to its ability to expel moisture. The heat created when in operation allows for any moisture to separate from the oil. Moisture bypasses the filter and is vaporized out of the machine while the oil returns to the pump for reuse.

How does this prolong the life of the pump? Moisture would corrode the materials within the pump. Since the oil pump dispels the moisture from the machine, this demotes the chance of internal corrosion. With this feature, the pump can service you for over 10 years with proper maintenance!

Additionally, the transfer of heat energy allows these vacuum sealers to run without needing a break due to overheating. In contrast, an external vacuum sealer machine will need time to cool as the heat is consistently building up without being transferred as another energy source.

JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer

2) Increased Quality

Vacuum packaging is well-known for its effectiveness because the less contact with oxygen the product has, the longer it can go without spoiling. Oil-lubricated chamber vacuum sealers pull the most air by up to 19.8% more than dry piston pumps found in suction vacuum sealers allowing for the least contact with oxygen or moisture in the air!

How do oil pumps outshine dry piston pumps this drastically? The vanes within the oil pumps are designed to spin in a cyclical motion that barely slides by the pump’s housing by thousandths of an inch. The proximity of the rotary vanes to the housing creates a strong suction allowing for great vacuum power.

The vacuum produced by this mechanism greatly surpasses the 80% removed by dry piston pumps in edge sealers by up to 19.8% – you do the math! Talk about no freezer burn, longer shelf life, and even more flavorful sous vide cooking!

Recall that not all chamber vacuum sealers contain oil pumps. Dry piston chamber vacuum sealers can remove around 90% of air which is still a stretch from reaching the astounding minimum of 99% drawn using a chamber vacuum sealer geared with an oil pump!

3) Decreased Noise Pollution

No one would like to risk their sense of hearing due to prolonged use of their vacuum sealers. Oil pumps create 20-30 dB less noise than any other dry piston pump vacuum sealers. Specifically, the 85-95 dB of noise created by dry piston pumps is compared to the volume of a vacuum cleaner which is only a few dB short of the level considered to cause hearing loss after sustained exposure. Conversely, our JVR Vac100 is as quiet as 65 dB when in operation which is compared to having an average conversation!

To read more about the benefits of an oil pump, feel free to read our article here.

The price of external vacuum sealers may only be a couple hundred at the initial purchase. Yet, limited pump durability eventually requires multiple purchases over time easily making these far more expensive in the long term.

In addition, external vacuum sealers such as Food Savers require the use of embossed bags called vacuum sealer bags. These are more expensive than the chamber vacuum pouches only compatible with chamber vacuum sealers.

If interested in learning more about the differences between chamber vacuum pouches and vacuum sealer bags, click here.

Average Savings Per Pouch Compared to Edge, Suction, or External Vacuum

Suction Vacuum Sealer


1. Conveniently sized for your home kitchen counter and lightweight for portability.

2. No limit to the length of bags, only in width according to the seal bar length.


1. Can not vacuum seal liquids with certainty due to siphoning effect.

2. Durability ranges from 1 month to 10 years.

3. Volume at 85-95 dB.

4. Only 80% of air is pulled using edge vacuum sealers.

5. Only compatible with higher-price vacuum sealer bags.

Vacuum Sealer - Dry Pumps are Loud

Chamber Vacuum Sealer


1. Can vacuum seal liquids and even Mason jars.

2. Lasts 10 to 30 years.

3. Volume as low as 65 dB.

4. Up to 99.8% of air pulled.

5. Compatible with less expensive chamber vacuum pouches.


1. Larger than Foodsaver type vacuum sealers.

2. Limited in width and length of bag size due to chamber features.

Seal up to 2 half gallon mason jars simultaneously.
History and Service of JVR - Latest Video

Contact us to speak with an experienced vacuum packaging specialist about what vacuum sealer is right for you!
Want to learn more about the history and service of JVR Industries? Click here to learn more!

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What is Vacuum Packaging?

What Is Vacuum Packaging?

“vacuum packaging with the right equipment is the most effective form of food preservation to date”

Have you ever wondered what exactly vacuum packaging is and what options are available to you in the industry? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Learn how vacuum packaging with the right equipment is the most effective form of food preservation to date so you can stock your shelves with foods that will not go to waste! Today, we will review some of the history of vacuum sealing, explain why it is effective, and provide an informative overview of your vacuum sealer machine and packaging options.

What is Vacuum Packaging?

Vacuum pumps date back to 1650 when a man named Otto Von Guericke presented an experiment demonstrating a vacuum to the dignities of the Holy Roman Empire. Two teams of horses were prompted to pull apart joined Magdeburg hemispheres that had the air pumped from between them – the hemispheres would not budge.

Then, during WWII, it was discovered that vacuum-packaging meat allowed it to be stored for much longer. So, from the basement of his own home in Germany, Dr. Karl Busch built the first vacuum pump specific for food packaging called a Huckepack.

Chamber vacuum packaging was introduced to the US with the help of John V Radziwon, founder of JVR Industries Inc! JVR Industries began in 1972, specializing in vacuum packaging.

What is vacuum packaging?

Vacuum sealing has become the ideal way to store foods at home and in the market, whether for shelf storage or freezing. The process consists of applying a vacuum to pull the air from between the oxygen-permeable packaging and a product and sealing the packaging to eliminate oxygen from reentering.

But why do many companies recommend vacuum sealing food over storing food in containers or other forms of storage?

The word “vacuum” originates from the Latin word “vacuus” meaning “empty space”. Vacuum packaging applies this concept to preserve food products, clothing, wine, and more! Contact with oxygen can cause aerobic bacteria to multiply and break down food particles. Essentially, the fewer oxygen molecules in the space surrounding a product, the less opportunity for food particles and aerobic bacteria on the product to react causing spoilage and, consequently, changing the odor, color, taste, and texture. Therefore, the more air is pulled from the packaging, the more lasting the shelf life.

This introduces the reality that one type of vacuum sealing machine will produce higher quality vacuum seal results than another due to a deeper vacuum pull.

How To Prevent Freezer Burn - VacNews Article

Practical Benefits of Vacuum Sealing

1. Food Preservation – Eliminating oxygen solves the problem of spoilage from oxidization during food storage by not only fighting waste, but keeping taste, color, texture, and aroma at top quality!

2. Maintains Moisture and Flavor – Inhibits contact with a dry environment so the moisture within the product does not escape to compensate.

3. Prevents Freezer BurnClick here to learn more about how to ensure meat and other food are not wasted from freezer burn by incorporating vacuum sealing.

4. Improves Flavor and Texture of Meat When Marinating – The vacuum opens the pores of the meat, while the close contact of the packaging ensures the marinade is in contact with even the meat crevices. These two simple benefits work in order to add to the flavor and texture of the meat.

The vacuum packaging industry supplies various machine options with different features. Consequently, choosing can be difficult when attempting to find what works best for your circumstances and goals. On the other hand, multiple options allow the opportunity to find the machine for you! Below will provide a brief overview of the differences between each including how each functions, benefits, and limitations.

Vacuum Sealer (OPENED)

How it Works: Place the food inside the bag then clamp the open end into the seal bar. These vacuum sealers apply the vacuum externally by pulling the air out of the bag and toward the pump. The seal bar then seals the bag once the air is pulled.

Benefits: Easy portability; No limit in the length of the bag, only in width depending on seal bar length; zero upkeep and maintenance due to the dry piston pump.

Limitations: Can not package liquids due to external application of the vacuum causing a siphoning effect; Contains a dry piston pump which creates problems of lower durability (1 month – 10 years) and less vacuum draw of 80%; Only use embossed vacuum seal bags.

JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer, chamber vacuum sealers

How it Works: Set the food in the packaging, insert the open end of the bag into the seal bar clips, close the lid, and the vacuum cycle time begins automatically. You will observe a cold rapid boil when vacuum sealing liquids. This is your sign that the maximum vacuum has been applied. Skip the rest of the cycle and set a program with the vacuum time it took to reach a cold rapid boil. This allows for an efficient vacuum sealing process!

Oil vs Dry Piston Pump: These machines can contain dry piston pumps which have less vacuum draw of around 90% and are less durable. They can also contain oil pumps making increasing durability to 10-30 years, and a vacuum draw of up to 99.8%. Click here to learn more about how the pump type can impact your packaging results and overall experience!

Vacuum Packed Food in Fridge
Vacuum Sealing Liquids - Vac100

Benefits: Seals food including liquids since the vacuum is applied evenly within the chamber negating the siphoning effect; stainless steel housing gives the machine durable protection; Increased pump durability, vacuum draw, and quieter if it contains an oil pump like our VacSeries units! The chamber sealer pouches are up to 7 times less expensive when compared to foodsaver style embossed bags for external units.

Limitations: Contain maximum pouch sizes depending on the model due to the chamber feature; Higher maintenance for oil pumps; May need a cart for larger models.

How it Works: Similar to external by pulling air out of the bags externally. The difference is, that a nozzle protrudes into the pouch and pulls the air, then automatically retracts after the vacuum cycle time, sealing the bag to conclude.

Benefits: Easy portability; No limit on the length of the bag, only in width depending on the seal bar length; next to zero upkeep due to the dry piston pump.

Limitations: Can not package foods containing liquids due to siphoning effect; Contains a dry piston pump which results in lower quality packaging.Typically sold commercially at much higher price. Not suited for home-use typically.


How it Works: Uses heat to thermoform a roll of film into pockets. The person operating places food into those pockets. Non-forming film is placed as the top layer and heat is applied to create an airtight package. Each package is cleanly separated by crosscut and rotary knives to create professionally packaged results.

Benefits: Efficient; Takes little effort; Ensure consistency of packaging appeal. Initial investment might be costly, but savings could be tremendous.

Limitations: Size causes challenging portability; Expensive.

Below info turned into an image with rows being each packaging option and columns titled “Packaging Options” “Machine Compatibility” “Description”. Will decrease word count.

What is vacuum packaging

JVR Industries Inc. supplies all packaging types listed in various size options. Contact us to write custom notes such as a packaged date on your bags!

Consider that more expensive VacFlex vacuum seal bags are designed only for an external, Foodsaver-type vacuum seal model which increases cost over time compared to vacuum pouches compatible with chamber vacuum sealers such as the VacSeries models. Click here to read about the differences between chamber pouches and vacuum sealer bags that cause this price variation.

If you have further questions on which options may provide the best results for your vacuum sealing process, feel free to send us an email or call during our business hours. JVR Industries has been specializing in vacuum packaging for over 52 years and staff will be equipped and happy to provide you with further information!

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VacSeries On USOC Adventures TV

VacSeries On USOC Adventures TV

“…the JVR Vac100 & Vac110 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is being featured via a commercial on the USOC Adventure TV show and as their primary way of harvesting their game on the show!

VacSeries On USOC Adventures TV

The VacSeries units will be on the USOC Adventures TV starting this year! As of now, the JVR Vac100 & Vac110 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is being featured via a commercial on the USOC Adventure TV show and as their primary way of harvesting their game on the show! The USOC Adventure TV show is aired on Pursuit nationwide. This is an exciting opportunity as USOC Adventures TV has been successfully expanding since 2005 and is a fundamental network of connection for sportsman across the nation to share their experiences. We are honored and excited to be a part of their journey as a USOC Adventures TV title sponsor! 

The USOC Adventures TV, in partnership with the Pursuit Channel, is a show dedicated to providing a platform for everyday sportsman to display their hunting and fishing expertise and share their experiences. This opportunity is made possible by offering USOC members hunting and fishing trip giveaways to become the stars of their own dream adventure! USOC Adventure TV has also created multiple member forums for members to share their everyday experiences, showing off their trophy deer, fowl, bear, and more! Giveaways and special events are anticipated often by members. Connection to dozens of sportsman gear providers allows USOC Adventures TV to arrange daily chances for USOC Sportsman and Junior Members to win brand name gear for free! 

With the wide array of opportunities, USOC Adventure TV creates a network for fellow sportsman across the nation to connect as well expand their horizons to make the most out of what they love to do! 

JVR Industries is excited to become a part of this mission as a title sponsor and we encourage you to go check them out! 

Monday: 7:30am EST.
Tuesday: 2:00pm EST.
Saturday: 10:30pm EST.
Sunday: 1:00am EST. 

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John V Radziwon - Former Owner Passes Away

Remembering John V Radziwon: The Founder of JVR Industries

“…JVR Industries will always remember him as the one who paved the way for our company and for chamber vacuum packaging in North America.”

John V Radziwon - Former Owner Passes Away

Remembering John V Radziwon

On March 19th, 2024, John V Radziwon, the founder of JVR Industries, passed away at the age of 84. John was beloved by many, accomplished much with his life, and was well known for his humor. Although his origins and life were based in Western NY, John loved to travel and make friends around the world. But we here at JVR Industries will always remember John as the one who paved the way for our company and for vacuum chamber packaging in North America.

JVR and Kodak Sealers

John R. (founder of JVR) and Rob E. (Current President) at a 1998 trade show showcasing the products that helped protect Kodak’s film from light with the help of the Sipromac chamber vacuum sealers.

We would like to take the time to celebrate John’s life. He was a generous & comical individual with many accomplishments.
His presence will forever hold a special place here at JVR.

A few of John’s Major Accomplishments

John began his career by working for Jaccard Corporation. He used this opportunity as a stepping stone to the meat industry as well as the distributor network. From there he expanded his horizons to be the successful businessman who founded JVR Industries. Furthermore, John was one of the first to introduce chamber vacuum packaging to the North American market. John started importing the German line of LacoVac chamber vacuum packaging machines in the mid to late 1970s. These high-quality machines would be some of the first chamber vacs to hit the North American market. Some of these units are still being used today by our loyal customer base! John always searched to make new connections and friends across the industry, further expand his knowledge, and provide opportunities to ensure JVR Industries long-standing success in the vacuum packaging world & beyond.

John V Radziwon - March 19th 2024

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Win a free JVR Vac100

JVR Vac100 Giveaway

Congratulations Anthony D!

Today, we are announcing a giveaway for an $899 chamber vacuum sealer – The JVR Vac100!

JVR Vac100 Giveaway

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer | what is a chamber vacuum sealer

The JVR Vac100 is the best all-around chamber vacuum sealer equipped with features that set it apart from our competitors. With a commercial grade, oil-lubricated, rotary-style vacuum pump, the Vac100 is capable of achieving vacuum seal levels exceeding 29.5″ Hg and of evacuating 99% of the air in a 40-second vacuum cycle! Reap the oil pump benefits of a longer life span, better vacuum draw, and, overall, less noise compared to dry piston vacuum pumps found in food saver units. Self-serviceability is ease with the hinging body mechanism. Additionally, the 12.3″ seal bar handles a variety of pouch sizes to package your food items.

No longer need to create a dedicated space in the basement, garage, or elsewhere for your future industrial food sealer. The low-profile design measures 8.3” with the lid closed. This being the case, the JVR Vac100 is one of the only chamber vacuum sealers to be able to fit under almost every cupboard on the kitchen counter! This provides a modern look to complement any kitchen while still providing ample room with a 4.3” deep chamber to seal large items such as whole chickens and roasts.

An Overview of the Functions Provided by the JVR Vac100

Our unit is capable of so much more! Your options include, but are not limited to, vacuum sealing liquids, sealing up to two half gallon mason jars, sealing 2 bags with 6-inch-wide mouth simultaneously, sealing wine bottles, accessory capability, retort capability, and more! The quality and efficacy of the seal will leave you with no doubt of eliminating the chance of freezer burn during food storage while also having the capability of sealing delicate foods without crushing.

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer | what is a chamber vacuum sealer

What Sets the JVR Vac100 Apart?

While you can find decent units from multiple companies, what sets us apart is our experience. JVR Industries has been in the vacuum packaging industry since 1972! We still service units sold 20+ years ago and we plan on doing the same for the JVR Vac100.

Additionally, JVR has been specializing in vacuum packaging for a long time, which equips us with unmatched customer service. You can expect a same-day diagnosis and non-automated telephone services. The knowledge our service department has acquired is paramount in allowing you to receive the service you require with assurance.


Now is your chance to experience all the benefits and for free!

To sign up for the giveaway, access the link below:

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VacFriday: November 24th-27th 2023

VacFriday 2023

VacFriday - Best Deals of the Year

VacFriday Sale November 24th – 27th!

JVR Industries is launching its Black Friday weekend sale. Shop the best deals of the year! VacFriday 2023 runs from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. 

Find extreme savings and discounts on all of our JVR VacSeries chamber vacuum sealers.

VacFriday VacSupplies Deal

VacSupplies Sale!

Find even more savings on select VacSupplies including VacPouch, VacFlex, and VacGuard. Add the desired product to your cart and an automatic 15% will be deducted from the VacSupplies in your cart as long as they are VacPouch, VacFlex, or VacGuard! Limited time offer! Lowest prices on VacSupplies all year long!

Our offices will be closed from November 23rd-26th. Normal hours of operation will commence on Monday, November 27th, when VacFriday sale shipments will begin. Please feel free to call our office during business hours with any questions regarding the VacSeries. You can also email us at JVR@jvrinc.com. We will respond to all emails on November 27th.

VacFriday Vac100 Bundle

Vac100 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Gift bundle includes:

100 Pack – 8″ x 12″ (4mil) VacPouch

1 Quart of VacOil

Vac100 Cover (Black)

JVR Industries RTIC Tumbler



VacFriday Vac110 Bundle

Vac110 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Gift bundle includes:

100 Pack – 11″ x 16″ (4mil) VacPouch

1 Quart of VacOil

Vac110 Cover (Black)

JVR Industries RTIC Tumbler



VacFriday Vac310-1 Bar Bundle

Vac310 (1 Bar) Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Gift bundle includes:

500 Pack – 10″ x 13″ (4mil) VacPouch

1 Gallon of VacOil

Vac310 Cover (Black)

JVR Industries RTIC Tumbler

VacFriday Vac310-2 Bar Bundle

Vac310 (2 Bar) Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Gift bundle includes:

500 Pack – 10″ x 13″ (4mil) VacPouch

1 Gallon of VacOil

Vac310 Cover (Black)

JVR Industries RTIC Tumbler

VacFriday Vac410 Bundle

Vac410 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Available at $3190

Gift bundle includes:

$200 of Free VacPouch

Coupon will be provided via email after purchase. Only available to use online. Expires after 2 weeks.

Please make sure you subscribe at checkout to ensure you get the coupon after purchase.

VacFriday Vac610 Bundle

Vac610 Chamber Vacuum Sealer (Single Phase or 3 Phase)

Gift bundle includes:

$200 of Free VacPouch

Coupon will be provided via email after purchase. Only available to use online. Expires after 2 weeks.

Please make sure you subscribe at checkout to ensure you get the coupon after purchase.

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Save Even More with VacPouch

Save Even More with VacPouch!

Save Even More with VacPouch

“…some of the best pricing in the NorthEast USA”

VacPouch Customizable Variety Pack

Are the predefined and tailored VacPouch variety packs for your JVR Vac100 or Vac110 not cutting it for your needs? Today we fix that issue so that you can achieve the same percentage of savings while customizing your very own VacPouch variety pack. Select up to 5 sizes/thickness of our VacPouch – 100 PACKS and save almost 10%! JVR Vac110 owners can now buy the 11x16s in 500 PACKS using this method as well! So buy more and save more with our customizable VacPouch variety packs any way you please!

Enjoy your savings on our chamber vacuum pouch line – VacPouch today! Thanks for your continued support of JVR Industries. Your support helps us support our customers to the best of our ability.

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Vac100 and Vac110 Preorder bundle

VacSeries SALE!

VacSeries Sale

Check out the big savings you can receive on our limited time VacSeries Sale! Limited Time Offer on new Vac100 cover, Vac100 preorder with a gift of the new Vac100 cover, and Vac110 discount for those who do not want to wait for the arrival of Vac100!

Vac100 and Vac110 Preorder bundle
Been wanting a Vac100? Well now you can preorder and receive a FREE gift: A Vac100 Cover! OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 16TH, 2022!
Can’t wait for a Vac100? Vac110 now available for purchase. Stronger oil lubricated pump and faster sealing! OFFER EXPIRES JULY 1ST, 2022!
You already own a Vac100 and want a case? Well we thought of you all as well. We made the covers for preorder for our faithful customers! OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 16TH, 2022!

Everything you’ll ever need for your JVR Vac100 is here.  Don’t forget to order our popular accessories with your new Vac100 and take advantage of the Free Shipping!  We highly recommend ordering a spare quart of vacuum pump oil with your machine and don’t forget the vacuum bags. Interested in vacuum sealing Mylar or Retort bags?  If so, don’t forget to order a Retort seal bar assembly. Check out the Pleasant Grove Farm website to learn more about Retort canning or if you’re looking for a great source for Mylar and Retort bags. If you have any questions, please contact us, we love talking with our customers!  Email: jvr@jvrinc.com or call (716) 206-2500, M-F 8:30-5 EST.

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer | what is a chamber vacuum sealer
JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer / Vac110 Frequently Asked Questions | JVR Industries

The JVR Vac110, vacuum chamber sealer, may be small but it’s a workhorse and built with durability and speed in mind.  Capable of sealing up to 11″x16″ vacuum bags, the Vac110 stands apart from its competition.  The 5.2″ maximum chamber height provides ample room for sealing high profile products and the extra-wide, 8mm seal wire, insures optimal seal integrity.  At the heart of every vacuum sealer is the vacuum pump and the Vac110 touts a powerful 1/3hp, oil lubricated vacuum pump, capable of evacuating 99% of the air in 30 seconds.

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Troubleshooting a Poor Heat Seal

Troubleshooting a Poor Heat Seal

Troubleshooting a Poor Heat Seal

Vacuum Packaging

Heat Seals… the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Having issues? Today we discuss “Troubleshooting a Poor Heat Seal.” Chances are if you’re reading this article you likely have some type of vacuum packaging machine.  Dating back to the 1940s, vacuum packaging continues to be the best solution for extending the shelf life of most perishable goods.  Without the need for freezing or adding unwanted preservatives, fresh meats, and countless other products can benefit from vacuum packaging.  However, the positive results associated with vacuum sealing are greatly diminished when your packaging equipment is not properly maintained.

In this article, we’re going to review a common problem with vacuum-sealed products and a few potential solutions that may save you a lot of time and money.  Commonly referred to as “leakers”, you may find that a percentage of your vacuum-packaged items will loosen up over time thus exposing your product to oxygen and microorganisms that contribute to spoilage.  Since a slow “leaker” is often not immediately identified they can easily be overlooked and sent out to customers.   Many times, defects in the packaging materials are thought to be the cause of a slow “leaker” but more often it is actually the heat seal applied by the machine that is compromised.  So, let’s assume no changes have been made to your process, what should you look for to reduce the risk of “leakers”?

Answer – check the heat seal applied by your vacuum packaging machine.  Is the seal too hot, too cold, not enough pressure, too many creases, or simply no seal at all?  Knowing how to identify a good heat seal from a poor one is critical when determining the cause of a “leaker”.

A good seal requires three things; pressure, temperature, and a flat bag.

Hold your vacuum-sealed bag up to a light so you can really see what’s going on.  Poor seal pressure will result in a seal that looks spotty or broken.  If this is your problem, then you might be tempted to correct it by turning up the seal time, but this won’t provide the results you’re looking for.  The most likely cause would be a leak in your machine’s seal bellow or piston.  Depending on the manufacturer, your machine will either have bellows or pistons located up in the lid or on the deck.  Both systems require either atmospheric pressure or compressed air to be introduced in order to pinch off and seal the bags inside the vacuum chamber.  Over time these bellows or pistons will likely develop leaks and lose their ability to provide adequate pressure during the seal process, thus resulting in a spotty seal and dreaded “leakers”.

What if the seal pulls apart too easily and won’t hold up during normal handling?  You may simply need to adjust your seal time so the wire heats up more.  Or maybe the seal wire you’re using isn’t correct.  Every machine is designed to use a specific width, shape, and thickness of seal wire.  When replacing you must verify that the Teflon tape and seal wire being installed is in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications.  Another cause for a weak seal might be that your seal wire isn’t properly isolated from the bar itself.  Many machines are equipped with metal sealing bars typically made out of aluminum.  These bars provide significant advantages over fiber bars because they can last forever if cared for properly.  However, electricity will find the path of least resistance so it’s possible that a weak seal may result from a seal wire not receiving the power it needs so check to make sure your wire is isolated properly.

Oftentimes the most likely cause for a heat seal “leaker” is also the most obvious.  Pay close attention when laying bags across the bar prior to closing the lid.  The opening of the pouch should be laid flat across the bar and needs to be long enough that the mouth is able to close.  When it comes to using the correct vacuum pouch, size does matter!  Don’t settle for using vacuum bags that are too short or too long just because your supplier doesn’t carry them.  JVR carries over 100 sizes of 3 and 4-mil vacuum pouches to fit every product.  Improperly sized bags will be difficult to lay flat and you’ll likely discover unwanted creases in the seal area.  Every crease doubles up the amount of plastic being sealed, and most machines are not designed to seal through four or more layers of material.  So next time your running your vacuum sealer check to see how the bags are being laid across the bar because it might be the reason for your “leakers”.

This article is one of a series of troubleshooting articles meant to assist customers in addressing concerns with their vacuum packaging equipment.  If you’re currently vacuum packaging but aren’t satisfied with the results you’re receiving, then please consider contacting tech support at JVR Industries.  Based just outside of Buffalo, NY JVR has specialized in vacuum packaging equipment for over 45 years and offers free over-the-phone technical support for all brands of equipment.

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