Introducing VacPouch - chamber vacuum pouches

Introducing our line of VacPouch – Chamber Vacuum Pouches. Use these in pair with your VacSeries, including Vac100 and Vac110! Also compatible with other chamber vacuum sealers.


We wanted to put a face on our product that represented the quality of product that we are selling. VacPouch, Chamber Vacuum Pouches’ branding is to communicate visually the expertise behind the product alongside the quality of the pouches. Our chamber vacuum pouches stand up against all of our major competitors when it comes to the material construction of our chamber vacuum pouches!


•Most economical vacuum packaging material

•Superior clarity and sealing properties

•Contain a minimum nylon content of 20%

•Extensive selection of stock sizes



•VacSeries including Vac100, Vac110, Vac310

(1 BAR), Vac310 (2 BAR), and Vac410

•Will work on all makes & models of chamber vacuum sealers


Standard Duty: 3 or 4 mil

Good for standard use. The higher the mil, the higher the puncture resistance.


Heavy Duty: 5, 6 or 7 mil

Here lies our thickest available chamber vacuum pouches. Shop these for highest puncture resistance, but also consider buying thinner mil with VacGuard as an alternative. 6-7 mil are special order only. Please feel free to call to get pricing and order your 6-7 mil heavy duty chamber vacuum pouches.


Lowest Oxygenation Rates: High Barrier

Our high barrier pouches are co-extruded with EVOH which dramatically decreases OTR (oxygen transmission rate) and lowers gas transmission as well! Higher OTR means more shelf stable products. For most applications, this may be more than you need. The price is substantially higher compared to our standard VacPouch. If you need further guidance, please feel free to call JVR.


Quick Access: Zipper Chamber Vacuum Pouches

Just above the zipper is a tear-away notch. On the opposing side of the zipper and tear-away notch is an open side so you can quickly and easily put your food in your pouch. This is a convenience packed pouch!


Pre-printed Pouch: Safe Handling Chamber Vacuum Pouches

Need pouches that have the safe handling instructions already printed on your pouches? We have those too! Feel free to check out what we have online or call for more questions. Do you need more than some generic printed safe handling pouch? Maybe consider having our designer custom design your company a pouch! 


Custom Pouches: In-house design and custom

printed chamber vacuum pouches

We now have an in-house designer who is willing and able to create a unique pouch for your company. Have a really rough mockup of what you want printed or previously printed with another company, but do not have the artwork? Well we can also recreate from mockups, scans, low resolution proofs, etc! We are capable of printing with CMYK to PMS (Pantone Matching System).


500-pack VacPouch with zipper

JVR Industries sells a MASSIVE inventory of VacPouch – Chamber Vacuum Pouches! From 60+ sizes of chamber vacuum pouches and several different quantities ranging from 100 PACKS to cases of 1000s!

VacPouch 100-pack

You can find our 100 PACKS in our online store as well as our eBay! On eBay, you will find that you can BUY MORE, SAVE MORE! Click here to see our competitive pricing!

Shipping Policy

Looking to buy more than just pouches today? Consider bundling your order with other products to try and achieve FREE SHIPPING. Click here to find out how to bundle your order of VacPouch with other items to get FREE SHIPPING.


Did you know that you get free sample packs of VacPouch included with your purchase of either a Vac100 or a Vac110? No? Well see to your right for more information on the interest packaging machine purchase.

Vac100 Sample Pack

Vac100 Sample Pack of Chamber Vacuum Pouches (VacPouch)



6×8 | 8×12 | 10×12 | 12×12



Vac110 Sample Pack of Chamber Vacuum Pouches (VacPouch)



6×8 | 8×12 | 10×12 | 10×15



Once in awhile we get a new customer who is unaware of how to purchase their chamber vacuum pouches on size. This is because the measurements of the pouch are from the outside of the pouch and not the inside diameter.

So to help alleviate any potential confusion, we created this easy-to-use diagram so you can nail down the exact pouch you need without spending unnecessary money!

Chamber Vacuum Pouches (VacPouch)