purchase these items at a sales price during the VacSeries Outlet 2024 in a first come, first serve manner

It’s that time again – the VacSeries Outlet is just around the corner! Find out how you can get VacSeries products for a deal!

August VacSeries Outlet 2024

Every couple of months, a small stock of VacSeries products that are flawed, or scratch and dent accumulate in limited numbers. As these are acquired over time, JVR Industries sets a day and time for an opportunity to purchase these items at a sales price during the VacSeries Outlet 2024 in a first come, first serve manner. Therefore, we have every intention of preparing you for a chance at these deals! 

Some might ask if the products still work with the same quality. Yes, they do! We can assure you these machines, covers or any other product included provide the same quality and effectiveness as if you were to get one that was not flawed or scratched and dented. The only difference is a minor to major imperfection in appearance. 

Get your calendars out and jot down the date for the VacSeries Outlet on August 6th at 11am EST! These items sell fast so make sure to have your device out in preparation for the clock strike at 11am and get that order in. 


In past years, we have processed verbal orders for the VacSeries Outlet. This time, there will be a change – orders will solely be online! Why? This will provide the most effective way to process orders and get them out to you with greater efficiency!  

JVR Vac100 Chamber Vacuum Sealer 

JVR Vac110 Chamber Vacuum Sealer 

Vac100 Chamber Accessory (3 GALLON)

The number of flawed vs scratch and dent items are currently unknown but will be updated as the order day approaches. So, keep an eye out and an ear open cause it is worth it! 

We look forward to answering any questions you may have about the VacSeries Outlet or any other questions you might have for us! Contact us any time by email or give us a call during business hours on Monday – Friday between 8:30 am – 5 pm.  

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