Vac100 Chamber Accessory (3 GALLON)


The Vac100 Chamber Accessory is the perfect accessory for those looking to vacuum seal mason jars. The chamber boasts a full 3 gallon capacity. Capable of sealing any size mason jar with a two piece lid and even multiple jars at the same time!  This accessory can also be used for performing vacuum marination which will result in faster and more even distribution of the brine into your favorite protein.

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Vac100 Chamber Accessory (3 GALLON)


Vac100 Chamber Accessory is a game changer for any individual looking to vacuum seal mason jars or mass vacuum marinade. Our accessory chamber sets this machine apart from the competition. The chamber boasts a full 3 gallon capacity.

Capable of sealing any size mason jar with a two-piece lid. You can even seal multiple jars at the same time!  Additionally, our chamber provides faster vacuum marination of massive quantity! Stunning results show up in a more even distribution of the brine into your favorite protein.

Super easy to use and connect with a pre-attached accessory hose! This pre-attached hose simply hooks up to your Vac100 – chamber vacuum sealer’s accessory port!

To use with your Vac100, you can turn on “PUMP” button to manually engage the vacuum pump. When the vacuum pump is manually engaged the lid will be open on the Vac100. During this process, instead of evacuating air from the Vac100’s dedicated chamber, you will be evacuating it from the chamber accessory.


What mason jars fit in the external 3 gallon chamber?

Able to fit 2 – 64 ounce (1/2 gallon) wide mouth Ball mason jars upright in the 3 gallon chamber.

Able to fit 4 – 32 ounce (946ml) regular mouth Ball mason jars upright in the 3 gallon chamber.



•Seal mason jars of any size quickly and easily

•Mass vacuum marination of meats and proteins

•Vacuum infused cold brew coffee in under 25 minutes

•Use the chamber for sous vide baths when paired with an immersion circulator

•expedited pickling

•rapid infusion of alcohols, extracts and more!




HEIGHT: 10.00″


NOTE: You do not need the accessory hose for this piece. Your Vac100 comes with an accessory hose.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John Flowers
Excellent quality, very useful

I ordered the Vac100 with this 3-gallon chamber and I was very impressed with the speedy delivery, packaging and overall quality of the products. The chamber is easy to use and built well. I can see this (as well as the Vac 100 main unit) lasting a very long time. I'm very happy with my purchase. I would recommend the Vac 100 highly as well.

Terri Schaffer
Awesome accessory

This 3 gallon accessory is truly amazing. I do lots of freeze drying and with this I can seal my food in the jars faster. I can seal multiple jars a once. Love it.

Thanks for the feedback and kind review! Enjoy.

Tom Miller
best Turkey I ever smoked

We made up a brine and pulled a vacuum on a 12# turkey for 24 hours. The Chamber held the vacuum while sitting in the bottom of my refrigerator. Smoked it low and slow and it was the best. Would love to explore more brine recipes for roast and steaks. Well worth the money

Sounds like a happy thanksgiving is coming up for your family! Glad to hear the unit is serving you well. Thanks for the feedback.

Richard Saffel
Everyone who owns a Vac100 needs a JVR chamber sealer

Today I was dry sealing quart wide mouth jars four at a time. The seals pull down extremely well, very impressed with the job it does. Haven’t began to explore all its capabilities yet.

Mason jars are a great start to using this accessory. Feel free to try out some meat marination or using it as a sous vide bath for some steak perfection! Thanks for the kind review!

Christopher Lanski
Awesome attachment

First let me apologize for not leaving a review on the Vac 100. It is the best vacuum sealer in its class.
The Vac100, if left unchecked, will literally vacuum shatter traditional store brand marinade containers. This one is solid as it gets. I have marinated 10lbs of meat for kebabs with no problem. Rib racks vertically and look forward to trying mason jars. I may look for an deeper pot with the same diameter opening for marinating longer rib racks. If you don’t have this, get it.

Thanks for the amazing feedback We are truly proud of this unit in every way. Nice to hear some feedback on the 3 GALLON chamber. Enjoy your chamber accessory and. your Vac100!