Vac100 Accessory-Foodsaver Conversion Hose


Vac100 Accessory-Foodsaver Conversion Hose converts a standard Vac100 accessory hose to a 5.5mm foodsaver style hose for foodsaver accessories. This conversion hose will work with any accessory that uses a 5.5 mm vacuum port.

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Vac100 Accessory-Foodsaver Conversion Hose

Part # 100-06

The Vac100 Accessory-Foodsaver Conversion Hose will allow you to use Foodsaver brand accessories with your JVR Vac100.  Upgrade to a vacuum chamber sealer and keep using the accessories from your Foodsaver type machine.  This conversion hose will work with any accessory that uses a 5.5 mm vacuum port.

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