Busch R-568 Flushing Oil, 1 Quart (946ml) / 0831.910.498


Busch R-568 is an industry standard oil when it comes to your equipment. Consider buying your Busch oil through us at extremely competitive pricing.

Busch OEM Part # 0831.910.498 | Same as UltraSource Item # 884776

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Busch R-568 Flushing Oil – 1 Quart (946ml)

Busch R-568 Synthetic Flushing Oil is an industry standard when it comes to your equipment. Consider buying your Busch oil through us at extremely competitive pricing.

Busch OEM Part # 0831.910.498 | Same as UltraSource Item # 884776


Will flushing the pump correct a problem with contaminated oil?

Not in all cases. Some pumps will be beyond flushing and will need to be overhauled.


Here are some observations one can make to see if flushing is an option.

1. When examining the condition of the oil is it black and tar like or contaminated in any way?

2. Is your pump noisy, overheating, or is the motor getting overloaded and shutting off?

3. What is the age of the pump? Further investigation is required if the above symptoms exist or the last oil change is unknown.


Drain oil from the pump, remove access plates or drum plugs from the exhaust box and metal baffle. Inspect internal walls of the oil sump. Proceed with oil flushing if the walls are only discolored with no buildup. If gelled or burnt oil is clinging to the walls this material must be scraped and removed prior to flushing. Proceed by scraping and cleaning as much of the exhaust box as possible. The more debris that is removed now the more effective the flushing will be later. Re-install the metal baffle, cover and proceed with the flushing. At this point one must remember that the oil lines and oil cooler might also be plugged to a point where no amount of flushing will make a difference and a complete overhaul will be the only option. Depending on the severity of the oil contamination flushing may be a last ditch effort. Let’s move on to the flushing.


Be prepared with enough oil and oil filters for the flushing process. All oil must be removed and replace with flushing oil.

1. Drain all oil from pump. Bear in mind, the more contaminated oil you remove now, the more efficient the oil flushing will be.

2. Remove the oil filter and install a new one. It is recommended that you don’t change the exhaust filter or filters until after the flushing to prevent contamination of any new filters.

3. Fill the exhaust box with the proper amount of flushing oil.

4. If possible run the pump with the inlet closed and off of the process. Run the pump for approximately six hours, shut the pump off and drain a small sample of oil into a clear container.

5. Examine it. Is it clear, dark or black? If it is clear to amber run the pump for another six hours and examine it again. If after the first six hours it is black drain it and fill again using another new oil filter.

6. If after the second flushing the oil still remains black the pump may have too much contaminated oil in it to flush out properly. There may be residue remaining in the lines and cooler that will not flush out. An overhaul will be necessary.

7. If after the second six hour period the oil still remains clear to amber in color drain it, change the oil filter and fill with the regular oil. At this point also change the exhaust filters.

8. Run the pump with a fresh charge of regular oil and monitor the operating conditions closely. Check for noise, overheating and oil condition until a regular oil change schedule can be established.

9. Remember don’t let the oil turn black. Change it before it fails. If the oil is kept in good condition the pump will last for years. If the oil starts to turn black do not hesitate to flush again. Keeping on top of the oil changes will prevent costly overhauls.

10. If you are just switching from one type of oil to another a single six hour flush is all that is necessary (follow the above instructions). Remember to change to a new exhaust filter or filters after the flushing and not before.


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