Get $100 off a brand new JVR Vac110 and experience the luxury of speed and efficiency it delivers!

JVR Vac110 Fathers Day Sale!

Calling all the dads, granddads, or sons looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift! Have you been in search of a new or upgraded vacuum sealer to enhance your packaging experience? How about a quick and sure way to package those burgers through winter without fear of freezer burn to then enjoy those summer evenings grilling for your family or with your fellow dads? Maybe you have already considered purchasing our powerhouse chamber vacuum sealer, the JVR Vac110 – Now is your chance! 

Our Father’s Day sale is now live. Get $100 off a brand new JVR Vac110 and experience the luxury of speed and efficiency it delivers! 

Happy Fathers Day Sale - Vac110

The JVR Vac110 is known as our powerhouse chamber vacuum sealer as it produces a flow rate of 8 cubic meters per hour – that’s twice the flow rate of the Vac100! Talk about an upgrade in your packaging efficiency and speed!  

Manufactured with a stainless steel body, an 8 mm heat strip width that exceeds the industry standard, and retort capability, the JVR Vac110 delivers above and beyond.

Transportation and kitchen countertop use is still an option with the W,D,H dimensions being 14.7” x 19.8” x 16” (H of 25.5” with lid open) and weight at 77 lbs. Although the dimensions are slightly larger than a Vac100, the Vac110 is still manageable for kitchen use if speed and power are your top priorities. 

JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer, chamber vacuum sealers

The coupon is live now for $100 off a JVR Vac110 beginning on May 14th and running through June 16th. 

For 100$ off the JVR Vac110 



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