“The Vac100 is a convenience-featured vacuum sealer, while the Vac110 is the powerhouse of the two.”

A very common question for us to receive is: Which chamber vacuum sealer is best for my packaging needs? The JVR Vac100 or Vac110?”

Today, we will answer that question!

To determine the best vacuum sealer that fits your needs, look at some important similarities and differences between these units.

Vac100 Vs Vac110 Comparison

The Vac100 is a convenience-featured vacuum sealer, while the Vac110 is the powerhouse of the two. While both chamber vacuum sealers are capable of vacuum sealing a variety of food items, they deliver different benefits to users.

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer | what is a chamber vacuum sealer
Vac100 Chamber Accessory


In terms of convenience, the Vac100 is accessory capable, meaning it can have external functions outside of the chamber. You’ll notice the vacuum port inside the back corner of the chamber (also referred to as the accessory port).

A hose from the accessory port can be connected to external features like the three-gallon chamber, the three-piece canister set, the wine stopper, and VacLok canisters. All these external features in addition to the internal capabilities of sealing in-chamber.  

Vac100 Mason Jars
JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer | what is a chamber vacuum sealer
JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer / Vac110 Frequently Asked Questions | JVR Industries


The Vac110 chamber vacuum sealer is considered a powerhouse machine because the pump of the unit has double the flow rate of the Vac100, eight cubic meters per hour. A third of horsepower makes this unit quicker, and incredibly powerful. If efficiency and speed are most important to you, this unit will certainly deliver and make vacuum-sealing bags a breeze. This vacuum sealer is perfect for home use while still promoting high-frequency packaging.

JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Unlike most vacuum sealers, there are ten available programs to set on the Vac100 chamber sealer, in addition to a preset cleanup program.

Cleanup Program

If you seal liquids, products with high moisture content, or operate the machine in a high-humidity environment, water can enter through the vacuum port and mix with the oil in the vacuum pump. At this point, running the cleanup program helps bring the pump to a high temperature, thus expelling moisture out of the pump. 


The remaining programs can be set to specific vacuum, seal, and cool times. That means you can have presets for each different product you’re sealing. P0 can be set to seal tomahawks in 5 mil VacPouch, and P1 can be set to seal soups in your 3 mil chamber vacuum pouches. These programs help you get product vacuum sealed at a much more efficient pace.

Skip Function

The skip button on the control panel serves a few important purposes. For instance, if you’re vacuum sealing soups, and during the vacuum time you notice the product begins boiling in the chamber pouches, simply press the skip function to move to sealing time. This can help prevent boilovers and messes in the chamber of the unit.

Additionally, the skip function is essential when trying to hone in on the vacuum time of different products. For example, if you’re unsure what to set the vacuum time at for a product, simply set the vacuum time as high as you want and run a cycle. When you see that all the air has evacuated, take note of the time it took to reach that point, then hit the skip button to move on to the seal and cool cycles. Now you know how to set the vacuum time for the next cycle, making the sealing process even more efficient.

Vac100 Seal Soup

The Vac100 weighs 52 pounds, while the Vac110 weighs 77 pounds. With that being said, the Vac100 does have transport handles on the sides, making it easy to move the machine. We do sell a stainless-steel cart that can hold either the Vac100 or Vac110, making transportability even easier. The bottom shelf of the cart can be used to store replacement parts and is a great place for vacuum bag storage. Click here to learn more.  

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer
JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer, chamber vacuum sealers


JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer- Lid Down

Outside Dimensions

16.2” W x 19.3” D x 8.3” H (lid closed)

Max lid height when open is 23.0”

Overall more fit for countertops.


JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer / Vac110 Frequently Asked Questions | JVR Industries

Outside Dimensions

14.7” W x 19.8” D x 16” H (lid closed)

Max lid height when open is 25.5”

Chamber Dimensions

13.8” W x 12” D x 4.3” H

Max pouch size 12” x 14”

12.3” seal bar

Although the chamber is low profile, you can still fit a 5.5-pound whole chicken inside the chamber.

Chamber Dimensions

11.3” W x 15.2” D x 5.2” H

Max pouch size 11” x 16”

11” seal bar

Chamber Construction


(Instead of a domed lid, we reverse-engineered it where the dome shows up in the base of the chamber. Designed to fit under most cupboards.)

Chamber Construction

Stainless Steel

(an industry standard, adding weight to the unit)

Heat Strip Width


(industry standard)

Heat Strip Width


(exceeds industry standard)

Vac100 Control Board Buttons - Vac110 and Vac310 Comparison

Vac100: The light-sensitive control panel responds when you lay your finger flat over any button, blocking out the light.

Vac110 Contrl Buttons - Vacuum Seal Mason Jars Vac110

Vac110: The tactile control panel has pressable buttons for stop, settings, increase, and decrease.

Vac100 Shatterproof Glass Lid

Vac100: Shatterproof tempered glass lid

Vac110 Transparent Acrylic Lid

Vac110: Industry standard dome-shaped transparent acrylic lid

How To Program the Vac100

Vac100: Located around the perimeter of the chamber

JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Vac110: Located on the perimeter of the transparent acrylic lid

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The Vac100 and Vac110 both are easy to self-service with hinging body mechanisms. This feature allows for ease of access and replacement of each individual component. Backed with unmatched customer service and free technical support of 50+ years experience. Making both these units very unique in their time.

Both chamber vacuum sealers are retort capable and have a stainless-steel body that’s extremely durable. The body construction on both units also makes them easy to clean. Looking for a chamber vacuum sealer that provides a tight seal, and eliminates both food waste and freezer burn? Either one of these chamber vacuum sealers will exceed your expectations.

Looking to buy vacuum pouches? Our variety of VacPouch bags are compatible with both the JVR Vac100 and Vac110 vacuum sealers! Click here to learn more about what types of VacSupplies we carry.

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer- Lid Down

Shop the Vac100 – Chamber Vacuum Sealer: $899

JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer / Vac110 Frequently Asked Questions | JVR Industries

Shop the Vac110 – Chamber Vacuum Sealer: $999

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