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Today, we provide a simple, yet effective chamber vacuum pouch buyer’s guide for all the current chamber vac owners and upcoming ones as well! Sometimes choosing the right size of chamber vacuum pouch for your product can be frustrating. JVR Industries proudly supplies our customers with a wide variety of pouch choices. Experience the satisfaction of conveniently packing your food in the perfect size chamber vacuum pouches and read below for a thorough guide to finding the right pouch sizes for your vacuum packaging needs!

chamber vacuum pouch buyer's guide

JVR has been specializing in vacuum packaging since 1972. That is over 52 years of experience! We hold every confidence in ensuring high-quality products for your needs.

Our BPA-free chamber vacuum pouches are perfect for your meal planning or packaging requirements! Manufactured with polyethylene and nylon, the chamber vacuum pouch works exceptionally for a multitude of conditions such as freezing to avoid freezer burn for an incomparable amount of time as well as hot temperatures for sous vide cooking meat or boiling. Note: We do not recommend more than 5 minutes of boiling. Read This article to learn more about cooking in pouches!


Suction vacuum sealers require the use of vacuum seal bags whereas chamber vacuum sealers are compatible with either chamber pouches or vacuum sealer bags. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the difference between a chamber vacuum pouch and a vacuum sealer bag.

The main difference is the texture. Vacuum sealer bags are embossed. Consequently, they require a higher standard thickness of 4mil. A chamber vacuum pouch is smooth with no indentations and, therefore, the standard thickness is 3mil.

How does this impact you? A vacuum seal bag uses more material to manufacture due to embossment and the 4 mil standard thickness resulting in a more expensive product cost. Chamber pouches are more price-friendly since they do not require these features.

Limits Waste: If we can achieve proper communication to supply you with the right pouch size, this filters out the scenario where the pouch is too small and you will have to buy a whole new size.

Reduces Cost: Buying too large of a pouch can be quite wasteful as well. Finding that optimal size should help relieve waste and eliminate the back and forth of ordering & shipping.

VacPouch Calculate - chamber vacuum pouch buyer's guide
VacPouch Calculate - chamber vacuum pouch buyer's guide

We understand that choosing the right dimensions is complicated. We have found that calculations to choose the proper bag dimensions depend on the product’s shape. You can directly sort most food or product items into two categories of shapes to ensure the proper dimensions are selected – rectangular and singular cylindrical.

Rectangular Shaped Items

These include items such as your sirloin steaks and cheese blocks.

A simple visual demonstration is provided in the image below.

Calculating VacPouch Size - chamber vacuum pouch buyer's guide

For example, consider the average length of the steaks you package is 8″, the average width is 6″, and the average height is 1.5″.

To calculate the proper WIDTH for your bags multiply the width x height and add 1 inch (W x H + 1 inch).

Example: 6 x 1.5 + 1 = 10 inches

To calculate the proper LENGTH for your bags, add the length + height + 2 inches (L + H + 2 inches).

Example: 8 + 1.5 + 2 inches = 11.5 inches

Therefore, the closest pouch size option is 10 inches x 12 inches.

Singular Cylindrical Shaped Items

Singular cylindrical shapes include any product such as sausage links or jerky snack sticks.

A simple visual demonstration is provided in the image below.

Singular Cylindrical Shaped Product - chamber vacuum pouch buyer's guide

For example, consider packaging sausage links that have a length of 6 inches and a height of 2 inches.

To calculate the proper WIDTH for your bags multiply 1.5 times the height (H = 2 inches) and add 1 inch (1.5 x H + 1 inch).

Example: 1.5 x 2 + 1 = 4 inches

To calculate the LENGTH of your bags, add the height (H = 2 inches) plus length (L = 6 inches) plus 2 inches (H + L + 2 inches)

Example: 2 + 6 + 2 inches = 10 inches.

Therefore, the closest pouch size is 4.5″ x 12″.

What About Zipper Chamber Vac Pouches?

Easy! As stated in red on the images above, add 2 inches to the length of your product. The reason you need to add an additional 2 inches is because the header of these pouches contains the zipper, hang hole, and tear notch. The outside dimensions on these pouches can be quite deceiving since the inside dimensions diminish due to the header consuming a couple inches of product real estate.

Zipper VacPouch
Zipper VacPouch Cases
Intuitive Design

Our chamber vacuum sealer bags are not only ordered in a variety of dimensions but in a variety of thicknesses. Refer below for a description of what conditions each bag can handle and what thicknesses might be best for your items. NOTE: “MIL” stands for 1 thousandth of an inch in thickness.

3-mil Gauge

The most common choice as they are the most cost-effective. However, they possess all of the necessary features for packaging. Although they are the thinnest, the 3 mil vacuum pouches undoubtedly are great products to package any item including liquids or solids, and can withstand extreme conditions such as sous vide cooking, freezing, and boiling for up to 5 minutes! You can also pair 3 mil with VacGuard (boneguard materials) to get access to ultimate puncture resistance and reduce cost by up to 28%! With VacGuard you now have access to a concentrated 9 mil section in your pouch! Talk about puncture resistant!

Availability: 100 packs, 500 packs, and cases. Also available in zipper options.

4-mil Gauge

Slightly thicker than our 3 mil bags and, therefore, considered a more durable, slightly higher oxygen and moisture barrier. For example, if you pack ribs with a tapered bone with a semi-protruding edge, this is are a great selection. If you find yourself storing your pouches aggressively in a chest freezer, these are the perfect combatant to punctures in these scenarios.

Availability: 100 packs, 500 packs, and cases. Also available in zipper options.

5-mil Gauge

The thickest of the vacuum pouches we carry in stock! Our 5 mil boasts extremely high puncture resistance, durability, and higher oxygen/moisture barrier. The ultimate bag against multiple protruding areas in the pouch. Multiple sharp bones in your pouch? No big deal! Use 5 mil to prevent the punctures from taking place! 5 mil gauge pouches are a great option for aggressive freezer storage as well.

Availability: 100 packs, 500 packs, and cases. Also available in zipper options.

6-7 mil Gauge

A perfect pouch for businesses! Special order 6-7 mil chamber vacuum pouches that are twice as thick as the 3 mil bags for maximum puncture resistance and oxygen/moisture barrier! And yes, our chamber vacuum sealers work great for creating the same airtight seal on these pouches. Feel free to call us at (716)206-2500 to get your quote today!

Availability: This gauge is not stocked in our warehouse, but we can custom order any size and any gauge that you wish.

VacSeries Registration - vacuum packaging support

When selecting chamber vacuum pouches, consider the chamber dimensions of your chamber vacuum sealer model to avoid ordering sizes too large for the capacity of the machines. See below:

Vac100 Maximum Pouch Size (High Profile Product): 12″ x 14″ (Low Profile Product): 12″ x 12″

Vac110 Maximum Pouch Size: 11″ x 16″

Vac310 (1 Bar) Maximum Pouch Size: 16″ x 20″

Vac310 (2 Bar) Maximum Pouch Size: 16 ” x 16″

Take your pick depending on your level of use as we sell chamber vacuum pouches as 100 packs, 500 packs, in bulk in a case of 5000 pouches, plus more options! Shop now!

Click here to visit our site and review our wide variety of options that will assuredly meet your packaging needs with high quality and durability!

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our service department who will provide detailed, educated, and personable assistance.

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