JVR Vac100 Chamber Vacuum Sealer now holds a place in the 360 West Magazine

Our ever-growing in status JVR Vac100 Chamber Vacuum Sealer now holds a place in the 360 West Magazine! Michael Hiller wrote an article on the conveniency of owning a Vac100 based on experience as he owns one himself! The article is appropriately titled “JVR Vac100 countertop vacuum sealer”. 

We are honored as Michael Miller has a successful career as a writer and editor. Miller’s experience in the journalism profession as well as personally owning the JVR Vac100 allows assurance of presenting an accurate and thorough review of the unit portraying a personal application of how it expands your opportunities in packaging, cooking, saving, and much more with effectiveness and efficiency!

360 West Magazine - Vac100

Michael Hiller is an accomplished writer and editor who has written for multiple magazines including USA Today, Dallas Morning News, and Los Angeles Times! Hiller is currently a freelance writer for both 360 West Magazine as well as the editor for EscapeHatchDallas. The specialty of his article topics revolves around food, restaurant reviews, and travel. Hiller’s years of exposure are admirable as he has gained extensive knowledge with research as a journalist in the food industry.


Considering this, we are beyond excited for the outcome as Miller captures our attention by spelling out relatable, everyday uses enhanced and facilitated using the JVR Vac100!

See what Michael Hiller has to say about the JVR Vac100 chamber vacuum sealer and get a copy of the 360 West Magazine – April 2024 edition! You will find the article titled “JVR Vac100 countertop vacuum sealer” on the top of page 68. 

The article can also be conveniently viewed as a digital copy. Click here (pg. 68) to view.

Hiller will soon be publishing the article on EscapeHatchDallas site as well!

360 West Magazine - Vac100 - JVR Industries

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