Vac100 Seal Bar Assembly


The Vac100 Seal Bar Assembly comes with a flat heat strip to provide an optimal seal on your chamber vacuum pouches (VacPouch). Consider purchasing this as a backup if you are running lots of product on your Vac100. This will create no opportunity for downtime and maximize your efficiency!


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Vac100 Seal Bar Assembly

Vac100 Seal Bar Assembly is one of kind when it comes to bar assemblies for home use. We wanted to create units with endless options when it came to sealing. Toolless removal of the seal bar assembly makes for fast changeovers and ease of use!

Measuring in at 12.3″ this bar provides an exceptional seal width for a small unit. The seal bar is for sealing common chamber vacuum pouches.  Equipped with a single 6mm heat strip, capable of providing the additional heat and pressure needed for incredible seal integrity. The heat strip residing in the core of the assembly is a flat wire. See the infographic in the images to learn how to distinguish between seal bar assembly and retort bar assembly.

What sets this bar apart from a Retort Bar is the flat heat strip. A Retort has a concaved, “U” shaped heat strip.

Are you running a lot of product on your Vac100? Do you need a back up in the event that you do not have time to replace a heat strip or seal bar tape? Simply buy a second or even third one to have around the house in the event that your stock seal bar goes down.



•Seal chamber vacuum pouches


If you ever need help servicing your Vac100 Seal Bar Assembly, please do no think twice about calling us! We are always here to help with our 50 years of experience in the vacuum chamber field.

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