Seal bar assembly for Vac100, RETORT


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Vac100 seal bar assembly for sealing heavy mil pouches.  Equipped with a 3.5mm seal wire, capable of providing the additional heat and pressure needed for these applications.

Good for Mylar and Retort applications.

Not sure where to buy your Mylar and Retort bags?  Check out, they have great prices and a good selection of products.  Every retort seal bar sold by JVR is tested to work with 7mil Mylar and 4.6mil Retort bags.

Customer Reviews

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georganne tanner

This machine does it all, mylar, retort, and just regular vacuum sealing. I have sealed flour in mylar bags without a problem, I have used it to vacuum seal a Prime Rib for Sous Vide in their 3 mil. bags it came out fantastic. I intend to do retort canning in the future and have no doubt this machine can handle that as well. The customer service is first class, being a newbie to chamber vacs. I have called a couple of times with questions and I got right through to someone who answered all my questions. The Company is outstanding I ordered my machine Dec. 21, 2021, and amazingly received it Dec. 23, 2021. I am one extremely happy customer.

Worth every penny

This retort sealing bar is the perfect
Companion to the chamber . Seals mylar bags perfectly. No more hoping I got a good seal. Will save a ton of money on food I thought was sealed only to find out later there was a pin hole.