“…JVR Industries will always remember him as the one who paved the way for our company and for chamber vacuum packaging in North America.”

John V Radziwon - Former Owner Passes Away

Remembering John V Radziwon

On March 19th, 2024, John V Radziwon, the founder of JVR Industries, passed away at the age of 84. John was beloved by many, accomplished much with his life, and was well known for his humor. Although his origins and life were based in Western NY, John loved to travel and make friends around the world. But we here at JVR Industries will always remember John as the one who paved the way for our company and for vacuum chamber packaging in North America.

JVR and Kodak Sealers

John R. (founder of JVR) and Rob E. (Current President) at a 1998 trade show showcasing the products that helped protect Kodak’s film from light with the help of the Sipromac chamber vacuum sealers.

We would like to take the time to celebrate John’s life. He was a generous & comical individual with many accomplishments.
His presence will forever hold a special place here at JVR.

A few of John’s Major Accomplishments

John began his career by working for Jaccard Corporation. He used this opportunity as a stepping stone to the meat industry as well as the distributor network. From there he expanded his horizons to be the successful businessman who founded JVR Industries. Furthermore, John was one of the first to introduce chamber vacuum packaging to the North American market. John started importing the German line of LacoVac chamber vacuum packaging machines in the mid to late 1970s. These high-quality machines would be some of the first chamber vacs to hit the North American market. Some of these units are still being used today by our loyal customer base! John always searched to make new connections and friends across the industry, further expand his knowledge, and provide opportunities to ensure JVR Industries long-standing success in the vacuum packaging world & beyond.

John V Radziwon - March 19th 2024

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