“vacuum sealing bags that are equipped with top seal integrity and puncture resistance…”

JVR Industries has specialized in vacuum packaging since 1972 and has found the importance of supplying bag options for all our customers no matter the vacuum sealer model. Whether you own a chamber vacuum sealing unit or a Foodsaver edge vacuum seal machine, we are always stocked with vacuum sealing bags ideal for your needs!

Premium Vacuum Sealing Bags - VacNews

All packaging options we supply are BPA-free and are composed of a balanced blend of coextruded polyethylene and nylon. With over 50 years of experience, we can assure you of vacuum sealing bags that are equipped with top seal integrity and puncture resistance placing our VacFlex line as a competitor in the market.

Premium Vacuum Sealing Bags - VacNews

VacFlex bags are designed specifically for edge, suction, or external-type vacuum sealers such as those provided by Foodsaver and VacMaster due to the embossed texture. Additionally, vacuum seal bags such as VacFlex are not designed for a chamber vacuum sealer machine but are compatible. The perfect unit to own in tandem with a freeze-drier!

Foodsaver style textured roll

Unlike a chamber vacuum sealer that pulls up to 99.8% for food preservation, external vacuum sealers work to remove about 80% of all the air from vacuum sealer bags so less air surrounds the food or any other product. The seal created following the vacuum along with the vacuum seal bags’ low oxygenation rate restricts oxygen reentering.

How does this increase food storage longevity?

The more air removed, the less oxygen there is for aerobic bacteria to react with decreasing damage and moisture release. Thanks to the superior seal quality of the vacuum bags, we can ensure safe, long-term storage for your food.


Increased shelf-life

Prevent freezer burn

Preserves moisture, texture, odor, and color

Sous vide cooking meats

Decreases waste!

Our VacFlex line is available in bag or roll form with varying sizes to choose from! The standard thickness for vacuum seal bags and rolls is 4mil. Check out our website and find the vacuum sealer bags and rolls you need!


VacFlex Bags

Available in packs of 100, 600, and 1200 varying in size from 5″ x 8″ to 15″ x 18″

Want Different Sizes In Your Order? Easy! Buy the VacFlex Variety Pack includes 100 packs of 6″ × 10″, 8″ x 12″, and 11″ × 16″ bags.

VacFlex Rolls

Available in 2, 4, or 12 PACKS and dimensions of 6″to 15″ x 50′

We also carry MINI COMBOs or COMBOs available in varying sizes!

You can sort through the reviews or write your review as you experience the superior quality of our vacuum seal bags and rolls.

Save up to 50% on a cart full of vacuum seal bags or rolls compared to many major competitors!

Our BPA-free bag supply consists of almost every vacuum bag option except mylar bags. Among these is our popular VacPouch line. Review our VacPouch items and find out how you can save even more money by moving to our chamber pouches only compatible with chamber vacuum sealers like our VacSeries line.


Contact us with any questions about our vacuum seal bag items and we would love to assist you! Email us any time or call during our business hours.

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