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“Our JVR Vac100 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is now featured in the Outdoor News

We are excited to announce that our JVR Vac100 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is now featured in the Outdoor News website and magazine! 

Outdoor News is a trusted avenue for sportsman to read about the latest, most pressing new regarding anything hunting, fishing, or conservation. Since 1967, Outdoor News has ensured sportsman can stay up to date on current happenings related to what they love. Specifically, they cover the Great Lakes region including 7 states with maybe more in the near future. 

The realm of information provided includes, but is not limited to, current sportsman events, videos, gear reviews, hot hunting or fishing location recommendations in the region, and even recipes and the means to create tasty meals with your game (like the JVR Vac100)! Not only do they provide general news to view on the website, podcasts are also available so you can listen from any device at your convenience even when on the go! 

Bring your food packaging and storage game to the next level with the JVR Vac100! The Vac100 is known as the most convenient of our JVR VacSeries chamber vacuum sealer models for kitchen use with the W, D, H dimensions of 16.2” x 19.3” x 8.3” (Lid open (H):23”) respectively to fit adequately on any counter. While it is the smallest of our VacSeries models, the Vac100 is equipped with an oil pump allowing for the ability to pull up to 99.8% of air from pouches. As a result, you can expect incomparable storage times, prevent freezer burn, expand your cooking options, and more! To learn more about our JVR Vac100, click here!

Read what Outdoor News has to say about the JVR Vac100 and apply the discount code before it is too late! This coupon code cannot be combined with additional discount codes we have available. 

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