“…a perfect blend of polyethylene and nylon.”

Intuitive Design
Easy Fill Design

A simple and powerful way to store snack sticks, coffee beans, nuts, chocolates, jerky, and so much more! Zipper VacPouch provide low oxygenation rates, powerful moisture barrier, and puncture resistance will help keep your food fresh longer than traditional packaging.

Optimal Seal Design

Zipper Chamber Pouches are pouches with zipper accessibility. Seal, enjoy and then reseal by hand using Zipper VacPouch from JVR Industries, Inc. Our Zipper vacuum pouches are the perfect blend of polyethylene and nylon.

Calculate Inside Dimension on Zipper Pouch

Chamber pouches tend to be sold by the outside dimensions. Typically, this does not majorly impact the consumer. As for zipper vacuum bags, they tend to be a different story. Using the chart above, take your outside dimensions and find what the internal dimensions are on our VacPouch product. With our chart, gain extra assurance you are buying the right product the first time!

Best pricing in the Northeast. Prove us wrong!

Zipper VacPouch is available in 100 packs and cases. We currently have limited sizing in 100 packs but carry a wide selection of case sizes. When you buy in bulk, you save money. Gauges for Zipper Chamber Vacuum Pouches range from 3mil to 5mil (NOTE: Standard pouch thickness for common home use is 3mil). The thicker the pouch, the higher the puncture resistance! Thickness does not equate to a better moisture or oxygen barrier.

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