Speaking the Language: Track and Row Rollstock Terminology

Knowing basic track vs row rollstock terminology can help ensure you are ordering exactly what you need! Understanding track and row can cut down on any confusion and slowdowns. Precision when ordering expensive die tooling is essential in maximizing your efficiency.

What are track and row when it comes to rollstock packaging? Track and row is simply how the die is divided up into pockets.

Track and Row Diagram

If you are facing the unit of operation, track will be the pockets from right to left. Row, on the other hand, is the pocket from the operator side to the opposing side of the unit. See image above.

2×1 configuration

Track and Row Divider Set 2x1


Track and row configuration dictates the format of the pockets in your forming web. Each rollstock thermoformer has its limitations when it comes to dimensions. This means knowing the most efficient pocket for your process is absolutely vital. Not only are you able to manipulate the configuration of your pockets, you are able to adjust depth. These three components will help you nail down the exact pocket configurations for your most popular products.

4×2 configuration

Track and Row Divider Set 4x2


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