Promarks warrants its machines to the purchaser against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year based on an 8 hour day 5 day per week operation. This warranty does not apply to consumables, in cases of misuse or failure by the user to maintain the machine in accordance with Promarks instructions or as a result of unauthorized alterations, part substitution or repair. Damage incurred during transit is not covered by this warranty. No other warranty express or implied shall apply and in no event will Promarks be liable for consequential economic damage or consequential damage to property.


Frame: 3 year limited

This includes manufacturing defects to all frames and overall construction of the machine. Not included would be casters or other non stainless items that could be considered part of the frame. Promarks will agree to pay for defective areas only.


Electrical Components and Parts: 1 year limited

Covered under this warranty are circuit boards, HMI/PLC, electric motors, solenoids, relays, contactors, gauges, regulators, plastic lids, bellows, pneumatic switches, valves, cylinders, door locks, transformers, overloads and other components as determined by Promarks. Damage caused by electrical surge, water, misuse or general neglect are not covered.



Promarks provides exclusive warranties for a two year period for all pumps supplied by Busch Mfg. If a problem occurs during the first two years of operation the customer should contact their dealer or local representative with the machine model and serial number. Promarks will then contact our Busch representative and provide you with the warranty procedure. Brine pumps, hydraulic pumps along with associated tubing, fittings and clamps carry a one year limited warranty.


Not Covered

Labor, travel expenses and shipping costs by Promarks or a representative are not covered under any of the above warranties. All shipping charges will be billed to the customer for all parts claimed under warranty. The customer will be invoiced for the warranty replacement and their account credited on receipt of the defective part. If the defective part is not returned then the customer will be liable for full payment of invoice. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay shipping for the return of the defective part.



The following parts are not included in this warranty. Conveyor belts, electrical connectors, all consumables on and around the seal bar area, oil and filters, needles for injectors, fuses, thermocouples, vacuum nozzles, valve diaphragms, all gaskets.