Patty Paper

There are multiple types of patty paper to choose from; single ply, two-ply, econo-weight, heavy-strength, fresh, frozen, wax-coated, or steak paper.  If you’re not sure what to use then no worries because we would be happy to help you decide.  Our most popular is the two-ply patty paper but we have other options to choose from so please contact us with questions or to request free samples.

Two-Ply Freezer Patty Paper

  • Our most popular type of patty paper
  • 2-ply and wax coated for easy separation of frozen patties
  • 14,000 sheets per case
  • Available in hole, side notch, or universal configurations to fit any style hopper
  • Multiple sizes in stock
  • Variety of additional sizes and types available

5” Patty Paper, Side Notch + Hole, Universal, Two-Ply, 14M/cs
5 1/2″ Patty Paper with Hole, Two-Ply, 14M/cs
5 1/2” Patty Paper Side Notch, Two-Ply, 14M/cs
6″ Patty Paper Side Notch, Two-Ply, 14M/cs

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