100 PACK – Chamber Vacuum Pouches (VacPouch)


Custom VacPouch Variety Packs now available! Select 5 packs of 100 and save more!

( NOTE: Standard pouch thickness for common home use is 3 mil.)


•NOT COMPATIBLE with FoodSaver style vacuum sealers.

COMPATIBLE WITH VacSeries (Including Vac100, Vac110, Vac310, Vac410).

• Compatible with all chamber vacuum sealers.

• Strong, durable chamber vacuum pouches with low oxygenation rates!



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Size Thickness: Type: Count PriceQuantity
6" x 10" 3 Mil VacPouch 100 $6.00
8" x 10" 3 Mil VacPouch 100 $8.00
8" x 12" 3 Mil VacPouch 100 $9.60
10" x 12" 3 Mil VacPouch 100 $12.00
11" x 13" 3 Mil VacPouch 100 $14.30
11" x 16" 3 Mil VacPouch 100 $17.60
12" x 12" 3 Mil VacPouch 100 $14.40
12" x 14" 3 Mil VacPouch 100 $16.80
8" x 12" 4 Mil VacPouch 100 $12.00
10" x 13" 4 Mil VacPouch 100 $16.25
11" x 16" 4 Mil VacPouch 100 $22.00
12" x 14" 4 Mil VacPouch 100 $21.00


Custom VacPouch Variety Pack

100 PACK – Chamber Vacuum Pouches (VacPouch)

The smallest pack of chamber vacuum pouches on the market! If you are not looking for bulk chamber vacuum bags, then you are in the right place! Best prices in the northeast USA! 

100 pack – chamber vacuum pouches are the perfect blend of coextruded nylon & polyethylene. These pair perfectly with any chamber vacuum sealer including our very own VacSeries units! The best chamber vacuum sealer bags for all-around use including home use and commercial-use! Vacuum chamber bags are available in 3 mil, 4 mil, and 5 mil. We even offer 6-7 mil if you special order! Feel free to purchase our chamber vacuum sealer bags in bulk as well.

  • Our most popular and affordable chamber vacuum pouches
  • The largest variety of stock sizes
  • Superior clarity
  • Superior sealing properties
  • Good puncture resistance
  • Good oxygen and moisture barrier
  • Sous Vide compatible
  • Freezable
  • BPA Free

Why buy our 100 Pack – Chamber Vacuum Pouches from JVR Industries?

Because we’ve specialized in vacuum packaging equipment and supplies since 1972!  Contact us for all your vacuum packaging needs.  


Check out our flagship machine Vac100 with incredible features like toolless seal bar removal and shatterproof lid!


What are the differences between chamber vacuum pouches and vacuum seal bags (used for edge, suction, and external vacuum sealers)?

Chamber vacuum pouches and vacuum seal bags for external sealers are the same exact composition of coextruded polyethylene and nylon. Now that we have that out of the way, what are the differences? The products have three simple differences!

The first difference is the texture. Chamber vacuum pouches are smooth in texture whereas the vacuum bags are embossed causing a dimpled texture.

The second one would be standard thickness. 3 mil vacuum chamber bags tend to be the standard for a chamber vacuum sealer such as our JVR Vac100 or Vac110. Units like Foodsaver, Weston, and so forth tend to use bags that are around 4 mil thick. Vacuum sealer bags and rolls need to be thicker so they can more easily be embossed without punctures or failures at the creation state. Chamber vacuum pouches not only come in 3 mil but also in 4-7 mil options! Not only do you gain this benefit, but you pay much less due to less tooling in order to make the product. That leads us to difference #3!

Now finally on to the last and third reason why these two products are different: COST! Cost is everything when it comes to something used so frequently. Everyone needs to save food, money, and time. The chamber vacuum pouches are significantly less expensive than their counterpart vacuum bags. With this product, you can save up to $0.47 per pouch as opposed to expensive vacuum seal bags and rolls. Why are they so much less expensive you may ask? Simple! The two differences above explain it all. Standard thickness and embossment crank up the price on external vacuum seal bags and rolls. Save up to $1,000.00 in the first year if you are using 6 pouches a day!


Increase the Life Span of Food and Product

Industrial pouches that are durable and strong are now available to be used at home with your Vac100! AND these industrial strength bags will help keep your food fresh longer than traditional packaging, making it an extremely cost-effective alternative to embossed vacuum sealer style bags. Great to use for meal planning, and storing your deer meat, fish, or soups!


Tons of Applications

Sealing any solid or liquid product with a chamber vacuum packaging machine, this bag was created to freeze and refrigerate!  Plus, it can withstand being boiled for up to 20 minutes, allowing you to use it to cook directly in water. The heat resistance of the bag makes it great for sous vide cooking as well as for storage applications. Looking for stronger VacPouch options? Consider our 5-7 mil pouches in larger selections. If you are looking for increased puncture resistance to package your bone, then pick up some boneguard materials (VacGuard).


Strong and Durable in Design

With one open end for sealing, each bag is made of 80% polyethylene and 20% nylon. This makeup ensures that the bags are durable enough to resist punctures and abrasions, making them a smart, reliable choice. Each bag is 3-4 mil thick.


We Sell Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machines As Well!

Save Money – Our VacSeries does not use the more costly textured, embossed vacuum sealer style of bags that foodsaver style vacuum sealers do. Buy food in bulk and package it into portions at your desire. Don’t spend money on packaging likely to spoil – pack, seal, and save.

Our Vac100 has a spacious chamber size compatible with pouches up to 12” x 14” with a shatterproof lid. Paired with our high-powered industrial grade vacuum pump ensures a deep and complete vacuum every time. With a 6mm extra wide seal element, we are able to provide stronger seals than the majority of our competitors.

Simple programmable controls create an opportunity to create presets for your favorite packaging jobs. From a deep vacuum for long-lasting freshness to quick marinades and dry goods. You have ultimate control from start to finish.


Because we have 50 years of vacuum packaging experience in the USA, we are able to help with the utmost expertise on all your packaging needs!

Subscribe to our Youtube channel today to access our growing collection of videos covering VacSupplies, VacSeries, and Rollstock Thermoformers!


Let us know if you have any more questions regarding our product: 100 pack – chamber vacuum pouches.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Guy Riggs
7x9, 4 Mil Bags

Excellent communication with the company and these bags have never let me down. They seal great in my vacuum sealer and I will certainly buy from this company again.

Daily we work on communicating better. Grateful to hear we are succeeding!

robert spangler
4mm vac bags

They are much stronger than my 3mm bags and seal just as well. Glad I found you guys. Your service and shipping time was awesome. Thank you

Glad these bags worked for your needs. Thanks much.

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