Rollstock Seal Bar Types

Rollstock thermoforming vacuum packaging machines host two different sealing plates within the sealing head of the unit. The two types of seal bars are the total seal plate and the perimeter seal plate.

Rollstock sealing head

Total seal plates offer a comprehensive sealing solution by applying pressure and heat to the entire package, making it a universal option. In contrast, the perimeter seal focuses specifically on the outer borders, which limits its compatibility with certain seal grids.

Under the seal head is where the seal bar is located. Here you can select two different style seal bars for two different applications. See below for a brief overview for each seal type.

Perimeter Seal Bar Plate

Perimeter Plate - Rollstock

Outer perimeter heat sealing is the only option on a perimeter seal. This eliminates the risk of searing and provides an easier-to-open package. For this option, a different seal bar is required for each configuration.

Total Seal Bar Plate

Apply heat to the entire surface of the plate using total seal plates. The lower seal grid will determine the primary seal location. All remaining areas where the top and bottom film touch will receive a secondary seal. This type of seal bar will work with all configurations, but the downside is that the risk of searing fresh products is increased.

Total Seal Plate - Rollstock