Powerhouse Chamber Vacuum Sealer – the JVR Vac110. The Vac110 may be small but it’s a workhorse built with durability and speed in mind. Best chamber vacuum sealer for home use while promoting high-frequency packaging! Can be used commercially or at home!  Capable of sealing up to 11″x 16″ chamber vacuum pouches, the Vac110 stands apart from its competition.

JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer, chamber vacuum sealers

•Reinforced stainless steel chamber

•Fast cycle times

•Simple digital controls

•Transparent lid to view product

•Oil lubricated, high flow, vacuum pump

•Tool-less seal bar removal

•8mm extra-wide heat strip (seal wire)

Who could benefit from owning a JVR Vac110?A VacSeries chamber for everybody from home to business.

This Powerhouse Chamber Vacuum Sealer is ideal for avid hunters and fishermen/anglers who are processing game at home, small custom meat processors, pitmasters, BBQ & grill enthusiasts, farmers, small butchers, caterers, food preservationists, homesteaders, sous vide cooking applications, or small businesses and restaurants and more!

Extra-Wide Seal Integrity

JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer The JVR Vac110 powerhouse chamber vacuum sealer is equipped with a massive 8mm heat strip, otherwise known as seal wire. Typically speaking, vacuum chambers are paired with a dual 3mm heat strip in their seal bar assembly. JVR Industries wanted to reduce heat strip changeover times and grant extra insurance in the vacuum seal integrity.

Powerful Rotary Vane Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump

JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum SealerAt the heart of every chamber vacuum sealer is the vacuum pump and the Vac110 touts a powerful 1/3hp, oil lubricated vacuum pump, capable of evacuating 99% of the air in 30 seconds. Reap the oil pump benefits of longer life span, better vacuum draw and overall less noise compared to dry vacuum pumps.

Transparent Acrylic Lid

The transparent acrylic lid on our chamber vacuum sealer serves two purposes. The primary function is to view the vacuum sealed product during operations. Optimal viewing is critical when problems rise so that the customer is able to diagnose the issue more rapidly under our direction. Secondly, the purpose of the lid is to promote faster vacuum cycle times for lower profile product in seal bags. Reduce vacuum cycle times up to 14 seconds in tandem with 4 filler plates for lower profile products!

What mason jars fit in this unit?

Able to fit 4 – 16 ounce (473ml) regular mouth Ball mason jars upright in the vacuum chamber.

Also able to fit 9 – 8 ounce (236ml) regular mouth Ball mason jars upright in the vacuum chamber.

Thus, sealing multiple mason jars at one time outpaces all external edge, suction vacuum sealers in the market today!

JVR Vac110 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The JVR Vac110 is one of the only at-home use, industrial style chamber vacuum sealers with specifically designed bar to vacuum seal off retort pouches and mylar bags. The perfect companion for those who are doing retort canning, freeze dried goods, MREs and so on! If you need a retort vacuum sealer, look no further! The Vac110 is the perfect tool to get the job done!


Any company that claims their chamber vacuum sealers won’t require any maintenance would be lying. Based on our many years of experience we know this just isn’t the case, therefore the Vac110 was designed to allow for easy maintenance. Thus, a fully hinged chamber provides quick and easy access to the vacuum pump and all major components. You’ll also love the tool-less seal bar removal that makes swapping out seal bars a 5 second job.


Vacuum seal 100s of lbs of pressure on each of your seal bags to ensure deep tissue marination. Forget oil less pump options and pick up this powerful pump vacuum sealer to ensure better shelf life and more flavor in every piece of steak. Sous vide cooking is made easy with our chamber vacuum sealer.


The biggest reason why the Vac110 is superior to any other machine at this price point is due to the customer support that only JVR Industries can provide.  If at any point you have a question or need technical support then we encourage you to pick up the phone and call us, it would be our pleasure to speak with you over the phone.  If it’s during normal business hours you’ll immediately speak to an experienced technician or you can email us 24/7 and receive a response from our support team within a matter of minutes, not days.


JVR Industries warrants its equipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. However, this warranty only applies to new equipment that has been purchased directly from JVR Industries or an authorized distributor. If you receive a damaged or defective product, a claim under this warranty must be made within 1 year from the original purchase date of the equipment. Only the equipment’s original purchaser may make a claim under this warranty. Lastly, in the event of abuse or neglect, JVR has the right to deny warranty. In the event that a warranty claim is denied, the purchaser will be contacted by a JVR representative and provided a detailed explanation as to the reasons why.



Parts deemed as wearable, which include but are not limited to, lid seal gasket, seal wire, seal bar tape, seal cushion strip, vacuum pump oil, etc.

Equipment not purchased directly from JVR Industries or an authorized distributor.

Damage or failure due to abuse, neglect, poor maintenance, improper storage, environmental conditions, theft, or vandalism.

Internal damage to the vacuum pump due to excessive moisture pickup.

Equipment that has undergone service by an individual or company not authorized by JVR Industries.

Shipping charges when outside of the continental United States.

Labor is not included.


No cost over-the-phone technical support is included with every machine purchased from JVR Industries. This guarantee is provided to anyone in possession of a JVR vacuum packaging machine. JVR also guarantees that you’ll speak directly to a U.S.A.-based technician. Most technical issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently over the phone.


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For over 50 years JVR Industries Inc. has supplied commercial vacuum packaging machines to a variety of industries throughout North America.  As a result of the increased demand for an affordable chamber type vacuum packaging machine we’ve worked directly with an overseas manufacturer to develop and refine the JVR Vac110.  Additionally, we’ve tested this machine to the same standards as those at a much higher price point and the results have been phenomenal.

Check out our line of Chamber Vacuum Sealers, the JVR VacSeries!

We offer a 6mm to 10mm wide seal on our variety of toolless seal bars. Varying chamber sizes and depths for multiple applications. Retort capability on both our Vac100 and Vac110 makes these a versatile and essential piece of equipment. Also, simple digital controls on our Vac110, 310, and 410!

Looking for preset options? Our Vac100 has simple programmable controls to help with expediting the process and standardizing your packaging.

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