Major Components of a Rollstock machine

diagram of rollstock thermoformer major components

We created these simple visuals to help identify and understand both the naming convention and basic functionality of these rollstock major components. Understanding the major components of a thermoformer can help you to operate and maintain your unit appropriately. Maintaining your unit requires proper identification. Simple identification helps in ordering the parts and communicating failures well to encourage proper diagnosis. Let’s get into each station and the major components attached to each station.

Compressed air or vacuum forces the forming film against a hot plate and then draws it into a mold to create formed pockets.

Rollstock Forming Die Lift

Forming Die Lift (pictured above)

Rollstock Forming Station

Forming film and forming head (pictured above)

Place products into the open pockets. Larger loading areas provide more time to load and a buffer for operators trying to multi-task.

Rollstock loading station
Loading Station - Steaks
Rollstock Sealing FIlm

The sealing film (VacSeal) is the top film that is introduced to close off the bottom film while simultaneously removing up to 99.8% of the air out of the pouch for longer shelf life.

Valves open allowing a vacuum pump to draw air out of the cavities. Introduced gas mixture comes next, if applicable. Heat seal the top film to the bottom, creating an air-tight package in the final stages.

Rollstock Sealing Station Head

Sealing Head

Under the seal head is where the seal bar is located. Here you can select two different style seal bars for two different applications.

Rollstock Rotary Crosscut

Divide film into individual packages using crosscut (left) and rotary knives (right).

Trim Scrap Removal

The rotary knives trim off the outer edges of the film. 2 types of trim scrap removal are commonly used: vacuum or rewind removal. Collect the film trim using the vacuum or rewinding system.

Rollstock Trim Rewinder

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