How to Run a Seal Only Cycle

The quick answer to running a seal only cycle on a Vac100 or Vac110

“How to run a seal only cycle?” can be simply answered! On the JVR Vac100 or Vac110, JVR Industries suggests running a 5-6 second vacuum cycle time in tandem with the necessary seal and cool time designated for your pouch type.

How to Run a Seal Only Cycle

The option to run a seal only cycle is great for people who are looking to use up old embossed, channel vacuum seal rolls that need to be cut to size, and then sealed off on one end. The newly created bag can then hold product.

This type of cycle is also great for people who want to resize VacPouch bags between VacPouch shipments. 

The seal bar assembly has two recessed holes at the base. There are small rods in the chamber of your machine that fit into the holes of the bar assembly. These rods are also connected to the seal bar lift pistons. As a result, the pistons lift the seal bar assembly into the cushion strip on the lid of your unit. During the seal cycle, the heat strip heats up and when the bar is pressed against the cushion strip, your pouch seals off.  

Seal Only Cycle - Seal Bar Assembly Diagram

When you close the lid on your unit and initiate a cycle, the machine swiftly evacuates all the air from the chamber. Once the air has been completely removed, a clever seal valve flips, promptly welcoming the positive atmospheric pressure. This rush of air gracefully flows through the hoses, ingeniously pushing the seal bar lift pistons upward, activating the seal bar against the cushion strip.

However, here’s the crucial part: without the vacuum, the seal bar assembly remains still, preventing it from performing the essential task of sealing your precious package. Therefore, ensuring the proper functioning of the vacuum system becomes paramount in achieving a successful seal for your package.

For a seal only cycle, you need five to six seconds of vacuum time. That time allows for air extraction to move the lift pistons of the seal bar against the cushion strip. Thus, sealing your pouch.

Dial in seal and cool times as necessary for the product and pouch that you’re sealing. 

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