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Today, we are announcing a giveaway for an $899 chamber vacuum sealer – The JVR Vac100!

JVR Vac100 Giveaway

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer | what is a chamber vacuum sealer

The JVR Vac100 is the best all-around chamber vacuum sealer equipped with features that set it apart from our competitors. With a commercial grade, oil-lubricated, rotary-style vacuum pump, the Vac100 is capable of achieving vacuum seal levels exceeding 29.5″ Hg and of evacuating 99% of the air in a 40-second vacuum cycle! Reap the oil pump benefits of a longer life span, better vacuum draw, and, overall, less noise compared to dry piston vacuum pumps found in food saver units. Self-serviceability is ease with the hinging body mechanism. Additionally, the 12.3″ seal bar handles a variety of pouch sizes to package your food items.

No longer need to create a dedicated space in the basement, garage, or elsewhere for your future industrial food sealer. The low-profile design measures 8.3” with the lid closed. This being the case, the JVR Vac100 is one of the only chamber vacuum sealers to be able to fit under almost every cupboard on the kitchen counter! This provides a modern look to complement any kitchen while still providing ample room with a 4.3” deep chamber to seal large items such as whole chickens and roasts.

An Overview of the Functions Provided by the JVR Vac100

Our unit is capable of so much more! Your options include, but are not limited to, vacuum sealing liquids, sealing up to two half gallon mason jars, sealing 2 bags with 6-inch-wide mouth simultaneously, sealing wine bottles, accessory capability, retort capability, and more! The quality and efficacy of the seal will leave you with no doubt of eliminating the chance of freezer burn during food storage while also having the capability of sealing delicate foods without crushing.

JVR Vac100 - Chamber Vacuum Sealer | what is a chamber vacuum sealer

What Sets the JVR Vac100 Apart?

While you can find decent units from multiple companies, what sets us apart is our experience. JVR Industries has been in the vacuum packaging industry since 1972! We still service units sold 20+ years ago and we plan on doing the same for the JVR Vac100.

Additionally, JVR has been specializing in vacuum packaging for a long time, which equips us with unmatched customer service. You can expect a same-day diagnosis and non-automated telephone services. The knowledge our service department has acquired is paramount in allowing you to receive the service you require with assurance.


Now is your chance to experience all the benefits and for free!

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