Homesteading Festival 2023

The Homesteading Festival 2023

The Homesteading Festival 2023

Homesteading Festival 2023

JVR Industries, Inc.® is traveling to Rise ‘N’ Swine Farm in Holland, NY to appear at the Homesteading Festival 2023! Come join us for a FREE day of learning traditional skills at Rise ‘N’ Swine Farm. Lunch will be available.

JVR will be discussing what a chamber vacuum sealer is, in addition to the differences between edge, suction, and external vacuum sealers and chambers. Lastly, we’ll discuss the difference between chamber pouches and embossed vacuum seal bags/rolls.


General Information on the Homesteading Festival

Where: Rise ‘N’ Swine Farm in Holland, NY

When: September 23rd, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

2024 Vac100 Giveaway


JVR Industries will be giving away a FREE JVR Vac100 – chamber vacuum sealer (VALUED AT $899) and we will be drawing a second-place winner as well for some merch! We will be announcing the winner sometime around 12:45 p.m.! Details are subject to change.

Additional Topics that will be covered at this year’s festival:

How Honey is Made, Soap Making, Raising Chickens – for Kids, Homeschooling, Rotational Grazing, Chicken Processing, Rabbit Butchering, Seed Collecting & Foraging, Starting & Maintaining Orchards, Goat Milk Yogurt & Salve Making, and Cheesemaking.

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JVR Reconditioned Used Equipment


Our inventory of quality used equipment is constantly changing and growing by the day.  We seek only the best used machines and sell only that which we can support.  Unlike most companies selling used equipment the machines we sell undergo a thorough reconditioning process.

What does our reconditioning process entail?

  • To start off every used machine that arrives at our docks will receive initial testing at which time we’ll document test results along with the machines overall condition.
  • The second step is photographing before shots to document areas of concern and provide reference points as to the work that needs to be performed.
  • At this point the machine will be entered into our inventory and labeled as “Awaiting Reconditioning”.  Most of the machines we sell will be sold prior to the completion of the reconditioning process.  Lead times for equipment reconditioning can vary between 1-12 weeks depending on the machine type and work required.
  • While undergoing the reconditioning process all work and parts required will be documented and available to our customers upon their request.
  • The extent to which we recondition each machine will often vary depending on feedback we receive from the customer.  However, every machine will be tested to insure it’s fully operational prior to leaving our facility and we always guarantee our customer’s satisfaction.
  • Prior to shipping every machine will receive a final Quality Control inspection at which time photographs will be taken to document after shots.
  • Once all the above has been performed the machine will be labeled as “Ready to Ship” and if not already sold the status will be updated on our website.


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