“Expedite your marination process by upgrading to a VST50-vacuum tumbler that provides precision and efficiency.”

VST50 - Vacuum Tumbler


Marinating large amounts of meat is sometimes challenging. Generally, the procedure goes something like this – You add fresh cut meat into a large bowl along with an immaculate marinade mix of soy sauce, possibly some ginger, and spices like salt and garlic to taste. Following several hours, you retrieve the marinaded meat from the fridge for cooking only to find all the marinade has pooled to the bottom of the bowl. What you thought was marinating meat did not, in fact, marinate. In other cases, you had to wait 24 hours for a full marinade on your beef products. Time is the essence when you are doing mass deep tissue marination of food for resale.

Eliminate this frustrating outcome with a VST50-vacuum tumbler that provides a transforming experience for marination. Increase the output and decrease the time for marination to incomparably improve the procedure for commercial-grade results.


Expedite your marination process by upgrading to a vacuum tumbler that provides precision and efficiency that does not result from solely placing a bowl of contents in the fridge to sit. A vacuum tumbler simply does the work of marinating meat for you.  With a drum capacity of 50 lbs., the unit provides ample room to marinate any desired combination such as chicken with a soy sauce-based marinade, or fish with a citrus juice-based marinade in bulk with little effort on your part. Get deep tissue marination results in a fraction of the time!


Because of the constant churning of the tumbler, the marinades will evenly contact all meat surfaces even in bulk amounts for the full duration of marination time. Additionally, what changes the game to create a robust explosion of flavor is the vacuum system. The vacuum pulls air out of the drum which causes the meat contents to expand and allowing the marinade to reach every surface of the meat to bring out more flavor where even the most basic ingredients can be a tasty meal. The pull on the meat produced by the vacuum also benefits in transforming even tougher cuts, delivering a tender texture full of flavor.

VST50 - Vacuum Tumbler


Removable Baffles: Effortless removal makes cleaning easy and ensures sanitary use.

Moisture Collection Reservoir: Functions to collect liquids in order to protect the vacuum oil pump.

Adjustable Tumbler Time: The unit is shipped with set intervals from 0-4 hours. If you require different time intervals, no worries! The times are adjustable via installed dipswitches to match the precision of your marinating process! If interested, then contact the JVR Industries service department for detailed instructions.

50 lb. Drum Capacity: Provides ample space to marinate meat in bulk!

Analog Gauge: This provides an easy way to check the pressure of the amount of vacuum you require.

Stainless Steel Construction: Ensures sustainability, ease of cleaning, and resists corrosion.

Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump: Longer life span, quieter operation, and pulls higher vacuum than dry piston pumps.

These vacuum tumblers are constructed carefully to provide ease of operation, therefore providing you with simplicity to acquire the desired results.

Prepare the Unit for Loading

Upon unpackaging, place your unit on a flat, solid surface with space to work around it. You will find an unattached component on top of the unit. This is the moisture collection reservoir and does not come preinstalled. It functions to prevent liquid marinade from getting sucked back into the vacuum pump, and, as a result, protecting the oil pump from damage.


How to Install the Moisture Collection Reservoir

To install the reservoir, first, locate the screws on the back of the unit opposite the control panel and confirm the screws have not loosened during shipment. The screws can be secured by lifting the cover and tightening them from the inside of the unit. Secondly, connect the hose found on the unit by simply pushing it onto the quick disconnect fitting found beside the screws. Initially, you will feel a click, but this does not ensure a secure seal until you hear a second click. Lastly, line up the holes found on the back of the reservoir to the screws on the unit, insert the screw, and slide down to attach.

VST25 or VST50 - Removable Baffles Shot


As stated, this tumbler has the capacity to hold up to 50 lbs. of meat! The following steps will take you through how to load your drum for marination.

1) Step #1 – Lift the drum off the rollers and place it upright onto a flat, stable surface.

2) Step #2 – Remove the lid. Unhook the three clasps by lifting the levers and displacing the clasps.

3) Step #3 – Confirm the fins inside the drum are tightened to prevent loosening while tumbling.

4) Step #4 – Load chicken, beef, or any other meats along with a marinade into the drum.

5) Step #5 – Reinstall the lid and ensure it is centered by feeling around the perimeter.

6) Step #6 – Lastly, reinstall clasps (meant to temporarily secure the lid until the vacuum is applied).


The vacuum system is made easy with only a couple of steps to follow! The system is designed to be applied either with the drum upright or set back onto the unit. We recommend getting into the habit of applying the vacuum with the drum upright in case you happen to forget to secure the clasps.

Before beginning, check to ensure the canister on the moisture collection reservoir is tightened by twisting the canister until secure. Additionally, ensure the oil is filled by simply looking through the sight glass.

Now follow these easy steps!


1) Step #1 – Locate the suction cups on the hose hung on the back of the unit as well as the hose from the top of the drum lid.

2) Step #2 – OPEN the valve on the hose entering the drum.

3) Step #3 – Turn ON the vacuum system using the switch on the control panel.

4) Step #4 – Press the suction cups together for a few seconds until they hold independently.

5) Step #5 – Monitor the pressure using the gauge located on the control panel.

6) Step #6 – Turn OFF after the vacuum reaches the desired vacuum.

7) Step #7 – BEFORE disconnecting the hoses, CLOSE the valve on the hose running to the drum to ensure air does not leak out.

8) Step #8 – Disconnect the hoses.

9) Step #9 – Finally, reinstall the drum back onto the unit (make sure the drum reaches the very back to the stops).

You are now ready to begin the tumbler cycle for marinating!


In order to prepare the tumbler cycle to marinate meat, locate the control interface at the front of the unit. You will find these three main controls.


On/Off Switch

Tumble Time

Speed Control (Potentiometer)


Set these controls to the desired settings to perfect your recipe. Then switch the ON/OFF switch to ON, and stand back for the marinating process!


JVR Industries also carries the TM series tumblers distributed by Promarks. JVR Industries has been partners with Promarks for about 20 years and can ensure the unit is constructed carefully to offer the utmost quality for our customers.

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