AAMP Annual Convention 2024

This year, Promarks will be exhibiting a booth at the AAMP Annual Convention 2024 – the most anticipated convention that The American Association of Meat Processors holds annually! Join us in the opportunity for days filled with connecting and learning from firms located all over the country in addition to hearing from well-educated speakers to stay tuned about what is going on in the meat trading world today! 

What is the AAMP Annual Convention 2024?

The American Association of Meat Processors is the largest meat trading organization in North America. With more than 16,000 members from all over the world, AAMP can provide a variety of networking opportunities for all small businesses looking to connect and learn together. 

They hold the AAMP Show annually as one of their biggest sources to achieve their mission for networking. At this convention, AAMP focuses on networking and educating firms from meat processors to packagers to catalog marketers. The AAMP Show consistently sells out the trade-floor and unsurprisingly continues to grow in attendance each year! 

AAMP 2024 - American Association of Meat Processors

 What Does This Mean? 

Promarks will be exhibiting our chamber vacuum sealers, packaging products, and more on the sold-out trade floor at the AAMP show! You will get a first-hand opportunity to learn about the continuing developments being made within our industry and maybe some of what is to come!  

Find us at booth #225 with your questions and curiosity. Connect with us about the exciting and new progressions being made this year or to just say hi!  

When is the AAMP Annual Convention 2024?

The 2024 AAMP show will be held August 1-3 (Thursday-Saturday).  

Where is the AAMP Annual Convention 2024?

The CHI Health Center Omaha in Omaha, NE will be the home of this year’s 2024 AAMP show. Additionally, the CHI Health Center Omaha is conveniently located next to Hilton Omaha – just a walk across the sky bridge!  

Find Bob from JVR Industries at Promarks’ booth #225. 


Click here for instructions on how to register as well as to reserve your room at Hilton Omaha for this highly anticipated occasion!   

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